Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Year In Review: April-June

April did shower in a lot of ways.  

I decided to follow up with my request, since it had been a few months, and I hadn't heard from anyone regarding the May 3rd preparations.  

7.  Unfortunately, all of the paperwork that had been submitted had been lost.  They profusely apologized but cited they had been short staffed and during that time frame, they had been relying on temps to do that type of processing.  I asked them if the date was still open, and they said they no longer had an opening on that day.  I didn't think that was right since they had the e-mail that I sent out in February, so I reached out to them well in advance for the date.  They said their hands were tied.  I asked them if there was another date in May; they said the last date they had available for the summer was June 6th.  After that, they would be on vacation and wouldn't resume any ceremonies until September.  The Sweetie was livid, but he and I both knew it would be easier to have our witnesses for the June 6th date than to risk pushing it to the fall.  I was told if the May 3rd date did open up they would let us know, and they kept apologizing.  It just sucked they dropped the ball in that manner.

I proceeded on, getting items that blended well with my February purchases.  There was a wonderful sale on some shoes.  I originally was going to go with gold shoes; however, the jewelry that was being custom designed had a lot of silver/bling like tones, so I didn't think the gold would go as well.  

8.  I got some dressy shoes.  The size I needed they didn't have in the store (these were slightly too small; I didn't want my big toe to hang over the front) so I had to have them sent to my house.

9.  The custom jewelry arrived.

10.  In the midst of all the excitement, a storm was brewing on my second job, causing me to weigh out the pros and cons.  I started briefly thinking about it going towards the end of March, but more events really had things hitting home.

Despite all of the good progress with preparations for a June 6th event, the progress I had made with my health was starting to go downhill.  The second job had stopped (or no longer cared about) adhering to my doctor's orders in regards to my number of hours and allowing me proper time to have meals so that I could take my medication on a timely schedule.  I had more and more instances of level instability, and unfortunately, I had begun to lose my hair. Not just little instances of hair shed, either.

Before I had put in my two weeks, and the job had talked me out of it, giving their word they would do the things necessary to adhere to the doctor's demands, but management lied to me, and I found myself asking, "What the hell was I doing here?"

11.  I presented them with written documentation and turned in my badge, letting them know I was "done."  Yet for about three weeks, they kept putting my name on the schedule, as if I was going to magically come back.

It had been 12 years since I had been on a job where I didn't have to work the weekends (not counting my office job).  The last job I was one that didn't require weekends was back in 2001, and at the time, I had been living in Georgia.  I must admit I didn't quite know what to do with myself at first but got in the swing of doing more writing as well as reading.

12.  The Sweetie and I looked around, and I saw a ring that was durable and to his liking.  Although the engagement ring I received does have a matching band, I really liked the idea of us having matching bands, so we opted to do that (although I'm sure he chuckles for my wanting to do so).

13.  Reflections of Soul finally made its debut.  Although it was the one I was a bit hesitant about putting out there, I am very glad so many people were touched by the content.

14.  I also had the opportunity to meet a fellow writer and a person I'm glad to call friend.  He and I had such an awesome time!  I can hardly wait until we get together again.

I was such a bundle of nerves that day.  The weatherman had predicted rain for June 6th.  I just prayed that it would stay away, at least until the event was over.  It wasn't too hot; it was relatively cool.  Although my dress was long sleeved, it was made of very breathable material.  

This is one of the few dresses I have where it seems as if I'm not overly chesty.  I had lost weight since my dress purchase, so it didn't fit as snug on the chest or the hips.  Yet it wasn't overly dramatic.

I invested in getting my nails done the night before.  I waited until that morning to undo my loc knots since I wanted the curls/waves to be as tight as possible.  I won't rehash the whole thing; I'll just post a few pictures.

15.  June 6th: Wedding Day 

The officially honeymoon has yet to happen, but I figure there would be time for that later.  

16.  A little bit afterwards, I participated in the All Authors Blog Blitz as part of this group I was in on Goodreads.  I really had a lot of respect for the person who put the group together.  Her name: Y. Correa.  More to come on that as the Year in Review moves on.


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