Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Year In Review: January-March

1.  I established this site called The Review Board.  It was born from my love of reviewing as well as my desire to be of assistance to self-published and independent authors.

The Review Board
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2.  Two words that I came up with ended up in The Urban Dictionary.  

One of the words is "Needgro", which was inspired by my post, Retired: Can't Rescue the Needgro.  The other word is "Stalkerade", partially inspired by my post "Contain The Thirst".

A condition characterized by overly lusting or becoming obsessed with someone to the point of making his/her life a living Hell.
She originally thought the guy was an admirer, but when she said she wasn't interested in dating him, he developed a severe case ofstalkerade. Now she spends more time at the police station that getting overtime at her job.

Needgro (noun): A person who needs time, attention, and/or material things up to the point that it causes unhealthy drainage to the giver, causing that person to go into retirement as it pertains to helping that particular person.
My best friend almost emptied her bank account trying to be a good friend to a needgro.

I began making some crucial decisions on quite a few things.  I had gotten back in the swing of writing, and the urge to publish began to re-emerge.  In addition, I was giving a great deal of thought as to how important was the "grand ceremony" in the scheme of things.  Hiccups in dependability and finances had thrown things way off track in terms of planning, so the supposed date with the "grand ceremony" was going to get thrown off, too.  It was around this time I made an executive decision: it was more important for it to happen this year than the presentation of the occurrence.

3.  I put in the request for the date to be reserved for May 3rd and started making preparations for a more scaled down event.

4.  I found a dress that fit the color I wanted, and it happened to be on sale at the time.  It's a little more than I normally spend on clothes (I tend to be a thrifty type) but it was definitely worth the quality and the name.  I didn't give away what the dress was for, just that I was excited about getting it.  

5.  I also saw this other dress that I really loved, but you had to pre-order it.  I rarely pre-order things, but it was something about this dress that sang, "Gotta have it."

Well, the "Gotta Have It" dress was more popular than the manufacturer had anticipated.  I was given the option to get another dress or to get the sleeveless version.  I didn't want another dress, and the sleeveless version just didn't have the pizzazz of the sleeved one.  I opted to wait, and received what I have nicknamed "The Brickhouse Dress" around the end of the month.

In addition, although I was writing material for "Eclectic", some old writings from years ago kept appearing.  They were poems that I thought about destroying, yet I just wasn't able to bring myself to doing so.  One day, I just thought, "If I'm not going to destroy them, why not publish them?  Perhaps, it could really serve as some closure."

6.  So, not only am I going forward with "Reflections of Soul" but also with "Eclectic" as well. Exciting times!

April-June to come soon!


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