Saturday, January 12, 2013

Contain The Thirst

“There is a fine line between appreciation and thirst.”

I wrote this status on my Facebook page a few days ago. 

It was inspired by a few things. 

One of those things was a little conversation back and forth on one of my friends' statuses. I'm not even sure quite how it got started, but she expressed that she didn't think she attracted a whole lot of attention, followed by her expressing that she has never even been stalked. I did express to her that she would not want that type of attention; Stalkerade is no fun. I didn't do any expansion on the subject. I will say that I have been the subject of stalking; it's not a fun position to be in.

Another thing that has inspired this is related to this same friend. She is a very beautiful person—on the inside but most guys are automatically drawn to the outside. She is very smart; she has very interesting statuses on her page. She's not one of those who are posing for pictures trying to generate thirst...none of the booty shots, low cleavage shots, nothing like that. Just really nice pictures.

Now there is one thing to compliment a person on her picture or to even like what she says. Or to post songs or pictures related to a status. It makes sense. It's appreciation.

However, there is also an area deemed “thirst”, as outlined by Urban Dictionary:

thirst: A form of lust or want of the opposite sex.  This term can refer to both males and females.

It goes further than appreciation.  

The guy not only compliments the status.  He writes a poem and dedicates it to her.

He may know she likes rings.  Next thing you know, every day, he comes on her page posting pictures of rings.

He may know her taste in songs.  Soon, he's blowing up her page with all types of love songs, citing the writer must have been thinking about the two of them.

He has made her the object of his desire.  The fantasy of the two of them together is fixated in his head.  The worse part is she may not even know it but just thinks he's being overly appreciative.

No, hate to break the news, but it's thirst, and thirst needs to be contained.  

It needs to be contained especially if your Facebook page doubles as a way of networking with others.

Even outsiders will be like, “Who are these dudes in consistent drool mode on your page?”  

There are different ways to handle the situation but it is best to take the person to the side.  A woman can be appreciative of the praise, but to just let him know he's taking it too far to the point where it's uncomfortable.  If he is reasonable, he'll stop.

However, if he's super delusional, then he will press on, to the point where he'll either have to get humiliated to stop, like put him on blast.  Or as a last resort, you'll just have to delete, block, or both.  

The quicker it is stopped, the better.  

The last thing you need is a public relations disaster or better yet someone acting Fifty Shades of Crazy and trying to show up on your doorstep, crying about “I thought you loved me....”

Just saying....


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Reggie said...

Fifty shades of crazy....that's hilarious. Yeah, the stalking thing is like 40 kinds of sad.