Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Mixed Bags: Reactions to My Life Event

Hello everyone!
I know you guys are wondering what happened after word got out about my marriage.  The strangest part was that I wasn't the one who originally released the word.  
I was very good about not getting on my Facebook the day of--being focused on celebrating the day and showing attention and appreciation to those who came.  I figured Friday afternoon or evening would be a good time to spread the word.
I ended up getting hit up via text around noon or so on Friday asking, "Hey you married now?"  I'm wondering how did this person know.  
Then, I noticed on Facebook that Sweetie (the man who is rarely on Facebook) announced the event.  
That's what phones are for because I didn't even see him get on the computer.
Once I did the confirmation of the relationship change, that is when the publicity began.  
I wasn't surprised it was going to get noticed, but I was surprised at how many people responded.  Like people I haven't even spoken to since high school, even though we've been on each other's Facebook page for ages.
I'm sure there were a mixed bag of emotions at the news.  Surely there was a bit of shock.
Then, some weren't quite sure how to react--whether to say the expected thing "Congratulations" or to say nothing.
I even got some hits in my inbox expressing a bit of disappointment, borderline anger.  Perhaps it was because I was no longer on the market; I guess it does take a ring for certain people to get the hint. Sometimes, even that doesn't stop it.  
It's mind boggling.  
I just feel like if those people were that interested in the State of My Union, they should have been more vocal.  
Or if some of those wanted another opportunity or wanting to make any crush type feelings known, all of that should have come out beforehand.  There's nothing I can do with the feelings now that everything is out there.
But mostly, however, the reaction was this: (well just imagine the smiley man dancing and getting his boogie on)
...and lots of well wishes and congratulations!
If it's like that with my being married, I don't even want to imagine the reaction to a pregnancy.....
Don't jinx me!
P.S. I have gotten some requests on The Showstopper jewelry.  No you cannot have the jewelry.  But you can have some custom designed by Exquisite Elegance.  She also has a Pinterest and can be reached on Twitter @exqelegance.
P.S. (2): The Blue Dress is not up for grabs, either.  You can find it on the Igigi website if you want your own.


Mahoganydymond™ said...

I knew it was coming because of the hints you gave me.. I am happy for you but now I know I can't have you.. LOL.. I am wishing the both blessings and much happiness.. You are happy and in love.I am happy.. Love and Marriage is a BEAUTIFUL thing... :)

Reggie said...