Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Checking In (on The One Shots)

Reference:  2013 Goals--One Shots and Continuous

So how about those one shots?

I know it has been said that many people make New Year’s Resolutions in December only to fall short of them come end of January or February.  I am not one to make Resolutions but in the past few years, I have made some goals for myself—one shot, continuous, or both.

I feel like I should do a bit of a check in—just to see how I am doing so far (plus to give you an update).  This not only serves as reminders but to keep me focused as well.

2013 One Shots:

      1.       To obtain my passport—Status: In progress.  

      The application has been printed.  Originally, I thought I could do it online, but since this is my first time applying, I have to print the document and submit it in person.  I also discovered that one can get a passport book or a passport card; however, the passport card doesn't cover international air travel.  I am definitely getting the passport book, but am contemplating whether I should invest the extra $30 and have the passport card as well.

Aim: To set up an appointment next month. 

      2.       To get another flat screen TV for the game room—Status: Temporarily paused.  

      The reason it is temporarily paused is I want to get out a lot of the old before bringing in the new.  I can’t quite gauge how much space I am working with, so as soon as I’ve finalized getting rid of the old—via donating to those less fortunate or just trashing because they are too worn or broken to do anyone any good, then I will invest putting a TV on layaway.

3.       A new dresser or chest of drawers—Status: In progress.  

      The original set I picked out for my room is no longer available.  However, the furniture store has a new selection in, so I have to take time to check to see if there’s anything I like from the new batch.

      4.       To secure the domain name for my customize project—Status: On hold until May.  

      Reason being that my creative energy is going in a lot of different directions at the moment.  

      Some may believe all types of creative energy are the same, but it isn't.

      Like the same type of energy that goes into my writing a poem or prose isn't the same that I use when I’m writing a short story or a novel.  

      It isn't bad; it’s just different.  

      I do have the ideas saved; I even have an idea of what I want them to look like, but I want to complete the book I’m working on since that enthusiasm and energy is at the forefront right now.  It is near completion, although I may not release it until late summer, early fall.  There’s a project before it I want to do, more of a catharsis than anything else. 

5.      To obtain the dress, undergarments, shoes and other accessories needed for an upcoming ceremony for late spring/early summer—Status: On the move. 

Dress:  I found the perfect dress that screams elegance and glamour.  Plus, I can wear it to other occasions.   It is in one of my favorite colors.   The neckline complements the chest while not being too low.  The sleeves are nice.  I was worried it might make me a bit too hot but because of the material, I don’t think it will be much of a problem.  I was able to get the dress on sale, so it’s wrapped in plastic ready for use.  It’s a little bit looser in the hips, which made me gauge that my hips have actually gotten a bit smaller from my working out, but not bad enough to where it isn’t fitting properly.

Shoes:  A lady whose eye for detail and creativity I admire turned me on to this website with shoes on it.  They are very reasonable in price and I see a few shoes that fit my fancy.  I will have to order these ahead of time so I can get used to the feel of walking in them.  I don’t think the dress will be done proper justice with flats so a heel of some sort is definitely appropriate.

Jewelry:  The same lady in question is assisting me with some jewelry that can coordinate with the dress.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me.

Lingerie type stuff:  Well, since my bra size has changed, I would have to get a new bra.  Although the way the dress is made doesn’t warrant it, it may be a good idea to invest in some Spanx for the future.  Flesh colored thigh highs or stockings, indeed! 

6.       To finally use the Groupon that I purchased.  Status—Awaiting a response.  

      The last time I talked to the company, they were booked until around February.  Where the place is located, however, is right near the Jersey Shore.  Superstorm Sandy hit and a lot of businesses did get impacted, so I did take that into consideration.  I am waiting to hear back to see if April will work for them so I can go ahead and do this.  I can then add it to my Bucket List.  Who knows?  If I like it, I may just try it again.

7.       To have enough saved for a new desktop.  Status—About 25% of the way there.

      Realistically, I don’t see this blossoming until close to the end of this year.  There are a few more things that need financial attention that puts this on the back burner.

Well, that's my update.  I will cover the continuous ones in a separate entry.

How about everyone else?  Are you still keeping your Resolutions or goals?



Reggie said...

My passport is around here somewhere, I need to find it. I think it took about 90 days from the time that I took my passport picture and filled out the paperwork to have it mailed back to me and in hand.

No Labels said...

Wow! Good I'm not planning on going out of the country any time