Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals--One Shots and Continuous

Okay, confession. I have been feeling a tad bit on the lazy side. 

For the first time in a very long time, I was able to get Sunday off from the second job, so I tried to spend as much time as possible off of the computer or interacting with technology. I did a few poems for my upcoming book and really focused on spending some quality time with the Sweetie. 

The way our schedules have been, especially since he got switched from working 4pm-12:30am to working 11pm-6:30am, has been a bit trying. Like he's sleeping when I'm awake, and when I'm sleeping, he's awake. It was pretty nice, nicer than it has been for a long time.

I took time off today, and I wasn't even scheduled for the 2nd job. Originally, I had off from there until Wednesday, but he needs me to come in for the evening shift tomorrow. I think working on New Year's Day counts as holiday pay, but I'm not certain. 

I attempted once again to see Django Unchained at the local theater, and the time it was supposed to be showing, the theater still looked closed, but I found a door unlocked. Then, one of the people (the manager I'm assuming) said she just got the go ahead to open since they had been shut down for a while (whatever the reason, I don't know), and she was trying to get some crew to come in to work. It just seemed so ridiculous to me, so I will have to wait another day for Django. That had me a bit aggravated; I may make a separate entry about my experience in TheFame and The Shame.

I'm glad that I moved my laptop back into my office space area. However, when I'm feeling lazy, sometimes I don't feel like going to the other room to do my entries. The move was best because there were times when it was hard for me to get to sleep simply because the computer being near my bed was so accessible; I'm just trying to get the bed back to its' original purpose—for relaxation, not any of the extra.

So, before the clock strikes midnight on the East Coast, I'd like to share 2013 Goals—Both One Shot and Continuous. I'm not sure if I will add on later, but I will put in the ones that come to mind.

2013-One Shot
  1. To obtain my passport. I've always been curious about what it would be like to travel outside of the United States. True, I don't have any outside of the United States money, but when I do have it, I have to already be prepared to go. Plus I hear it can take up to eight weeks to get a passport, and they are good for up to ten years.

  2. To get another flat screen TV for the game room. I don't care if I put it on lay-a-way (and it definitely won't be at Wal-Mart), but it'd be nice to have. It's hard to see and plan strategy on an old school nineteen inch TV.

  3. To acquire a new dresser or chest of drawers. The other one has definitely seen better days (aka barely holding together). Plus I have to make up for the fact that I don't have a closet in my apartment.

  4. To secure the domain name for my customize project.

  5. To obtain the dress, undergarments, shoes, and other accessories needed for an upcoming ceremony for late spring/early summer.

  6. To finally use the Groupon that I purchased earlier this year. I did talk to the company and Groupon and they said I could still use it even though due to circumstances beyond my control, it ended up expiring.

  7. To have enough saved for a new desktop. I know a lot of people rely heavily on a lap top, but I do miss having my desktop. I like to save stuff on it more so than on my laptop. My old desktop went through a crash and has never been quite the same since.
  1. To meet some new people. Yes, it is the same one as last year, but I do see glimmers of hope that I may meet some new people this coming year. Three of them have spoken about the possibility within the next six months.

  2. To continue to eat healthy and stick to my proper portioning. I'm off to a good start; I just have to continue to stick with it.

  3. To do research on possible additional enhancements to help my healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss efforts.

  4. To continuously increase my exercise efforts—including gradual increases in weights for strength training as well as increasing time on cardio.

  5. To give feedback on any product or services that I obtain.
  6. To reach out and call people more, especially those who would rather talk than text or write.
  7. To write more letters to those I love.
  8. To try more new things, food, and activities.
  9. To start doing my poetic writings via audio again—I used to do it years ago but stopped a while back.
  10. To experiment with Thrift/Goodwill shopping—I bet this will save me so much money.
  11. Continue to donate or throw away things I do not need.
  12. To treat myself to something at least once a month on a budget in which I feel comfortable. (I feel as if this one will be the hardest one for me to stay continuous on)
  13. To continue to take things one day at a time.

    I wish everyone lots of peace and joy for the New Year!

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