Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Only Thing Missing (inspired by Ms Feisty Carmelita-Power of 10)

This entry is part of The Power of 10 Poetic Exercise.  The words in bold are the words that Ms Feisty selected for me to use as part of the poem.

Strolling inside my house,
Taking off my shiny red shoes
Yes, they are wonderful to look at
But they are giving my feet the blues
Starting up a nice hot bath
Adding lavender scented bubbles
Pleased for a great day of business
Associates staying out of trouble
Thankful for all of my success
Making money off my passion
But of course I can’t let that fruit
Be the main source of action
My main joy stems from my family
Having children at their best
Embracing their individuality
Pursuing their happiness
And getting support from my friends
Not just when I’m rollin’ like a boss
But also during the toughest times
When it seemed everything was lost.
And as I’m lying in my luxurious tub,
Letting food satisfy my taste buds
The only thing missing, besides my evaporated lip gloss,
Is sharing all of this with someone I love.

Only Thing Missing
© 2013

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