Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not Trying To Be Here (inspired by Delila: Power of 10)

This post is part of The Power of 10 Exercise.  The words in bold are the ones Delila provided as part of the piece.

I’m sitting here at work, tired and sleepy
But people are acting downright ratchet!
Someone even tries to come at me sideways
And Sasha’s gonna let them have it!
I could be chilling at home,
Eating tomato and mozzarella salad
With a fork, which I can no longer find,
Let me play some games on my smart phone
Or watch the TV to stimulate my mind.
But instead, I’m off daydreaming
About winning the Powerball;
I wish I could stay anonymous;
Let nobody know at all!
I would tell this job where it can go
Status of all bills: Elimination
Take some time to enjoy life
And take a much needed vacation.

Not Trying To Be Here
© 2013

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