Monday, January 7, 2013

The Warrior Spirit Remains (inspired by Keng: Power of 10)

Well, this was one of the more challenging Power of 10 for a few reasons.  

One, because I had to do a bit of research on what Iaido was before really using it.  Second, because “loved ones” and “Feng Shui” technically is two words but contextually, it may be strange to separate them.  Plus, I didn’t know there was such a thing as chicken ginger cabbage soup.  

It’s cool because I have learned some new things today.

Also, this is the most random assortment of words ever (see in bold), but I wouldn’t expect nothing less from Keng.  I would never have done any Haikus or senryus without him nor Beverly’s encouragement in International House of Poets.  So Keng (I know you as The Restless Warrior), this is for you, and if per chance you start writing again, I’ll be awaiting.

Always a fan,

Gather around,
Let me tell you a tale…

No it doesn't have any fairies
But a story, nonetheless.

I was a part of a great online community
Where writing was my muse
The thing I loved doing the most
Was creating in the form of Haiku.
That place was like my family
But then things began to unfold;
Life and other events took over,
And my favorite haunt ended up closed!

My Haiku transformed into Batman
And delved into obscurity;
Did this happen while I was washing or ironing?
I had to revitalize my Feng Shui.
And as I’m fine tuning my internal music,
I admit to feeling a bit blue.
Loved ones showed a bit of concern
But it’s just a really bad case of the flu.
I have no desire for spaghetti
But some chicken ginger cabbage soup
Along with some sleep and other drugs
Will assist me in my recoup.

And once I am one hundred percent
Iaido will be back in the groove:
Sword martial arts, my newest passion
My debut soon on You Tube.

The Warrior Spirit Remains
© 2013

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Okay I was kinda confused by this post.......