Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Risky (inspired by Kattphish-Power of 10)

This entry is part of The Power of 10 Poetic Exercise.  The words in bold are the words Kattphish selected for me to use as part of the poem.

Social networking
The gift and the curse
Interacting with so many
To get quantitative results
To build good will
The whole if I do this for you
Then you’ll do this for me
Then we both will be happy!

But don’t forget, along the way,
The free could be replaced with fee;

How the heck would anyone make money?

But I digress....

Yet in some instances,
This visually beautiful arrangement
Can get ugly in a hurry,
Especially if business starts becoming personal
Causing outsiders to scurry!
Some things do come with hiccups,
But please don’t give up the fight;
Cherish the lessons in the letdowns,
For that is the way of Life.

© 2013

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