Monday, January 7, 2013

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 46

Workout Date:  Sunday, January 6, 2013
Time: 4:15-6:25 pm

Warm Up: Stocking, Quad Stretch

Target Areas:

Machine Used-Fly:  I ended up doing 1@50, 1@55 and 1@60.  I am attempting to wean myself away from the fifty pound increment.  I will play around with this setting for one more week.  If the 55 feels comfortable enough, I will proceed completely phasing out the 50 pound.  As for the 60, the last three movements are still a bit strenuous, so I will refrain from raising it at this point. 

Machine Used-Seated Row:   I ended up doing 1@55, 1@70, and 1@85.  In the next week, two weeks top, I will experiment with whether to completely phase out the 55 pound or not. 

Machine Used-Overhead Press (20lb. increments):   I did 1@25, 1@30 and 1@35.  The 25 pound is getting a bit easier.  The 35 is still providing the right amount of resistance.  I will revisit in about a month to determine any adjustments.

Bicep Curl (free weights):  I was able to take advantage of the free weights.  For my first set, I used a 20 pound long bar.  For the second set, I used a 30 pound long bar.  For the last set, I used 2 dumbbells which weighed 12.5 pounds each.  It gives you a better feel of what pounds you can really handle more so than the machines, yet that area is usually pretty crowded or a lot of the weights are getting used. 

I did put out in the universe, at least on my Amazon Fitness wish list, for a dumbbell set so I can do some free weights at home without rush and without wait.  We will see how that goes.

Machine Used-Arm Extension: I did 1@40/1@50/1@65.  I may play around with phasing out the 40 pound within two weeks.

I opted to do two exercises: the Leg Extension and the Hip Adductor.

Hip Adductor:  I did 1@110, 1@130 and 1@150.  It may be time to graduate out of the 110.  I was able to do it relatively easy for the Abductor, but I did realize I couldn’t do it as swiftly for this one.  Perhaps, next go around, I’ll do an increase from 110 to 120 to prepare for the transition.

Leg Extension:  I did 1@45, 1@50, and 1@55.   

Ab Crunch (levers):  I did 1@50, 1@60, and 2@70.  I was very tempted to reattempt the eighty but I did refrain.  I’ll revisit how my body feels come next week.  My conclusion is that it’s better for me to not try and do the heavier pound weights on the recline, but I’ll see if my conclusion holds water after I perform the exercises on the upright.  I wanted to do upright this time, but the machine was occupied.

Lower Back Extension:  I did 1@90, 1@110, and 1@130

Additional Machines:
Torso Rotation:  I skipped this time around due to people waiting on the machine.

Ab Coaster: 3 sets (20 reps) with 30lbs. Resistance.  The other 10 pound weights were being used.

Cardio/Cool Down:
I did the following breakdown for cardio:

1st set-Around The World (L2): 15 minutes + 3 cool down= 18 minutes
2nd set-Random (L1): 11 minutes + 3 cool down= 14 minutes

Elliptical Total:  26minutes (without cool down); 32 minutes with. 

I did the 1st set of the Elliptical before the full body training and the last set after it.  I increased my overall time on the Elliptical by 1 minute.  Previously, I was at 25minutes.

I decided to do Random Level 1.  I wanted to see how well I would be able to do on speeds of 3.6 and 3.8 mph, so I decided to break down the Interval speeds in the following way:

0-4 minutes @ 3.2
4-8 minutes @3.4
8-12 minutes @3.6
12-14 minutes @3.8 (experiment)
14-16 minutes @3.6
16-20 minutes @3.4
20-24 minutes @3.2

I was able to maintain 3.6 for the 4 minutes, which I was impressed with.  I did begin to get a bit winded with the 3.8, so perhaps I will introduce it in small burst.  I have done well with my pace on the 3.2, so perhaps for next time, I will start off at 3.3, possibly 3.4, and interval from there.

Total Treadmill: 24 minutes + 5 cool down= 29 minutes

Total Cardio (including cool down):  61 minutes; 50 without cool down.

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