Friday, January 4, 2013

The Non-Fairy Tale (inspired by Maria-Power of 10)

This entry is part of The Power of 10 Poetic Exercise.  The words in bold are the words Maria selected for me to use as part of the poem.

Once upon a time,
there lived a King and a Queen
they loved each other,
loved their children
behaved like the ideal family,
but then hardships came along
to test the Fabric of Faith
Tapestry of Hope stretched to the limit;
they held their breaths,
not sure how to react,
trying to prepare for the impact,
but in the end, it all felt apart.
All the issues were too great
fighting began trumping togetherness-
too many lies, too much heartbreak
until one option needed fulfillment-
just to put on the shoes and leave
amidst the agony arrived welcomed stillness;
both were finally able to breathe!
To this day, King and Queen do have friendship
and are thankful for their new pact
for being mature enough not to succumb to
pettiness and ratchet acts.

The Non-Fairy Tale
© 2013

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