Friday, January 4, 2013

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 45

1st Workout Entry for 2013..yippee!!!

Workout Date:  Thursday, January 3, 2013
Time: 3:30pm-5:38pm

Warm Up: Leg Stretches, Upper body stretch

Target Areas:

Machine Used-Chest Press:  I did 2@55 and 1@70.  I am thinking about introducing a heavier weight, simply because the 70 isn’t feeling as challenging.  I will re-examine in approximately two weeks.

Machine Used- Lat Pulldown (fixed):  I did 1@55, 1@70, and 1@85.

Machine Used-Rear Deltoid:   I did 1@45 and 2@50.  I do believe the longer handles are working for me significantly better than the horizontal handles.  I will play with introducing 55 pounds in about two weeks. 

I also noticed a machine, deemed the Low Row, which looks like it serves the same purpose as the Row/Rear Deltoid.  It’s located near the free weights.  I may end up giving it a try when it’s not occupied.  We will see what happens.

Biceps (no bar): I did 1@45, 1@50, .5@55, and .5@60It’s always been more of a challenge for me to do the bicep curls on the no bar machine than the ones with the bar.  I believe primarily because of how low the handles lay in order for one to do the curl.  The 45 was fine; the 50 was fine as well.  The 55 did prove to be a struggle, so perhaps I should hold off on the 60 on this one. 

Machine Used-Arm Press: I did 1@95, 1@110, and 1@130.  I’m satisfied with how I am doing since I phased on the ninety pounds.  Plus, the 130 is still providing enough resistance. 

I used two machines: Leg Curl and Hip Abductor

Leg Curl:  I did 1@55, 1@70, and 1@85.  I used a slightly different machine, and it made the exercise a bit easier to do, so I will try to be on the lookout when this one is free.

Hip Abductor:  I did 2@130 and 1@150.  The 170 I have experimented with in the past, and I am able to do it with some success.  We will see what happens in two weeks.

Ab Crunch (recline):  I did 1@50 and 3@65.  Ever since the time significant amounts of strain, I haven’t dared to introduce the 80 pound back into my workout.  I was still trying to figure out if it was related to the type of ab machine or the 80.  Well, I started feeling mad uncomfortable on the recline on the last rep of the 65, although if I perform this same weight on the upright or the levers, I tend to do fine.  Perhaps it is a combination of both.  I’ll stay on the lookout.

Additional Machines:
Torso Rotation:  I did 4@95 and 2@110. 

Ab Coaster: 3 sets of 20 with 40lbs. resistance.  

Cardio/Cool Down:
Elliptical:  I did Around the World on Level 2 for 15 minutes.  Adding the 3 minutes for cool down, it totaled 18 minutes.

Bike: I decided on Kilmanjaro (Level 2) for 20 minutes.  Adding in the 5 minutes for cool down, it brings the total to 25 minutes.

Treadmill:  I did Random Level 2 for 15 minutes.  I did interval between 3.2 and 3.6 mph.  My legs have gotten used to the 3.2 speed, so I may start to wean off it slightly.  3.6 is still a bit challenging for me, but not as bad as it has been.  With the 3 minutes for cool down, total was 18 minutes.

Total Cardio Workout:  50 minutes (not including cool down); 62 minutes (with cool down)

I did go ahead and leave since I didn’t feel like waiting for the Hydromassage beds to become unoccupied. 

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