Thursday, January 3, 2013

(Did I Let Her) Get Away--inspired by Tony: Power of 10

This entry is part of The Power of 10 Poetic Exercise.  The words in bold are the words Tony selected for me to use as a part of the poem.

for J--he never left; he was only suppressed

Where is the reset button?

How did I get here?

What happened to the person
who'd rather die than live life
void of Enthusiastic Fire?

Ever since I was little,
I knew I was destined for better,
had to take the mandatory steps
to get myself together.

but somehow, I got distracted...
sins of the father became extracted,
saw how my mother was impacted...

I ain't nothin' like THAT MAN!

I don't ever want to be THAT MAN!

So I constructed a different plan,
and the foundation was great.

But as the years got longer,
the divide got wider--
ditch between her and me now a canyon...

How the Hell could this have happened?

Guess I tricked my mind into thinking
this watered down, dollar store bottle of Contentment
was really Passion.

...and the sporadic, ordinary rituals
are providing Satisfaction.

...and this shell fills me with disgust,
for each and every day I Lust
for what I believed I already obtained,
but this current mirage
has tricked my brain!

I fantasize
I crave...

someone beautiful and artistic,
positive with her aura,
strong-willed, borderline majestic,
assertive and so confident
one can't help but respect it.

Natural is my definite preference
from the hair, breasts, and ass;
curvy and thick is oh, so, dreamy,
creative and exuding class.

Is that sexy lady waiting for me
or is my chance at her gone
because I chose to remain stagnant
at my current station way too long?

(Did I Let Her) Get Away

© 2013

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