Thursday, January 3, 2013

No More Chains (inspired by Jimill-Power of 10)

This entry is part of The Power of 10 Poetic Exercise.  The words in bold are the words Jimill selected for me to use as part of the poem.

The time for Foolishness is over;
The Negativity gunned down in Its' tracks,
Going to start doing things my way;
I'm traveling down a different path.
The Past will no longer serve as a hindrance
but an Opportunity for Positive Growth

wonder what others will think about this...

on second thought, I don't care anymore.

High off the beauty of what's around me,
the light that the Future can shine;
the Poet in me sizzling so fierce
can fry an egg on the sidewalk at summertime;
got bountiful Purpose in my Soul
and inspiring music in every step
along with the people who love me
the only Destination is being my Best.

No More Chains
© 2013

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