Friday, December 21, 2012

The Dream: One Very Awesome Christmas


Normally, I would have composed a Christmas list in advance about what I wanted.  I don't really want a whole lot (gift wise) for this year.  For me, Just Because gifts have more meaning, anyway.

But in my dream, the best gifts can't be wrapped up.  So I figured I would share....

Caring:   There used to be a time when a violent act occurred, there would be a sense of urgency, waves of disgust, and speed to act.  Now, there’s so much violence going on, it’s almost as if we are immune to it.  We have gotten used to it going on, so the urgency is delayed.  There’s not even as much disgust surrounding these things anymore, so it appears people don’t care as much.  We have to go back to where it’s unacceptable that cruel things being done to people are normal. 

Helping:  I have discovered it’s usually the people who have less who are willing to give more.  You would think it would make more sense that if one has more, they would give more.  However, some are so caught up in holding on to what they have.  If they would realize that helping is its’ own reward..that by giving monetarily to those less unfortunate, their spiritual wealth would be unmeasured, it would really put things in perspective.  When you die, you can’t take any of the material things with you.  It’s like although those things are bought, they are really on lease.

Respect :   I have never seen as much disrespect for my culture as when Barack Obama became President.  Yes, there was disrespect, but it was not as blatant.  It’s like people thought with him being the President, it was giving the okay for them to get all bold with it.  And then having some of them go back and apologize; I wasn’t buying it.  They were saying it with their chest the first time around.  People aren’t respectful of each other, not as much, and it saddens me.  We need to get back to that, not just from outside of the African-American culture but between each other as well.  At times, we ourselves create the greatest divide.

Intelligence: Wealth does not substitute for intelligence.  Heck, wealth doesn’t even mean you are intelligent.  There were a lot of dumb things expressed, particularly in the latest 2012 Political Campaign.  The 47%, Binders Full of Women, Putting Big Bird in the Unemployment Line.    I swear, some people don’t need to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or text.  Just keep them away from any type of technology.  People are getting too lazy to educate themselves before rapid firing on issues. 

Smiles:   Is it just me or do people not want to smile anymore?  Like just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m trying to trick a person or that I’m trying to get with someone.  I can just smile because I’m having a good day or because I just feel good.  When did smiling become an invitation for a beat down?  Or does the world really have that much to be upset about?

Thankfulness:  I don’t get why people say they are thankful for the things they have, yet when certain seasons come up, especially leading up to Christmas, people are fighting to get more stuff, have more things, and some have a nerve to get an attitude if they don’t get the things they want.  There are so many people who have less but who treasure what they have more.  With this society, it seems like the more one has, the more one wants.  It’s like there’s no satisfaction. 

Meaningful Music:  I admit, I don’t listen to regular radio a lot, like the latest hits because I have encountered garbage.  I admire music for more than a beat.  I actually am more prone to listen to a song with rich lyrics but a sorry beat than the other way around.  Where is the music that will leave an impact?  Yes it is around but it’s not getting as promoted or as pushed.  Music is becoming less timeless and more trendy.  Artists like Nicki Minaj and Drake parading around like they are the GOAT, yet they compose what’s wrong with the new measuring stick of what constitutes good music.  Give me music that speaks to my mind, heart, and soul and makes me think.  I could give a rat’s ass about Beez In The Trap.

Accountability:  When something goes wrong, one usually passes the blame rather than to take accountability.  The Sandy Hook tragedy still weighs heavy on my mind.  Every time a tragedy occurs where guns and mental illness are involved, there is always spotlight on video games and sensationalized violence in television and movies.  I don’t think video games and violent TV shows and movies should be getting the bulk of the blame.  I have friends who are hard core gamers—who dig the more violent games, but they aren't going out shooting people.  I, myself, love horror and action movies, but you don’t see me going out there trying to shoot and slice up people.  You know why?  Because in my mind, I know the difference between what’s real and what is fiction.  With those who have mental illness that isn't properly diagnosed or treated, they may not.  But with that being said, not every person who has a mental illness has a propensity to kill.  Plus, if one really wanted to play Devil’s advocate, Religion is the top reason why any person or group is going out there doing any type of killing, but how many people do you hear even mention that?  Hold on, I’ll wait…  All I’m saying is if something goes wrong, there has to be proper forms of accountability and less scapegoating.

Selflessness:  There is too much “all about me, me, me.”  Yes, there are times when it’s good to be selfish.  However, there is too much suffering all around to not feel the urge to help in some way.  People are still displaced because of Sandy.  Although unemployment numbers are down, what about those people who were no longer eligible for unemployment, but either are underemployed or still can’t find work?  So many people feel bad about someone’s plight but how many actually take time to think of ways they can help or find the resources, even if they can’t?  In a few cases, the person just is like, “Too bad.  Glad it ain’t me,” but their tune changes when it is him or her.  That same person who said “too bad” will be the very person who gets mad for responding with their former attitude.

These things, to me, are greater than actual presents, and any increase will lead to happier and merrier, not just during the Christmas season but throughout the year.

Happy Holidays!

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Reggie said...

This is a beautiful post. You're right, those items you listed are greater than actual presents.

Happy Holidays.