Monday, December 24, 2012

SD and SB (Stubborn Body and Sleep Deprivation)

Stepping back to do a personal check in…

I did originally make plans to work out the Lower Body, along with Abs and Cardio, this past Saturday, but I was being a bit too optimistic.  I was still feeling a tad bit sore, so I figured Sunday would be a better day to carry things out.  Plus, it seems that days where I wasn't able to sleep as well have begun to crash down on me with tenacity. 

For the past three weeks or so, I've had to pick the Sweetie up from his newly acquired job.  Main reason being is because the buses stop running by the time he gets off of work.  I've had to do it before in years past and that was at jobs where there were no buses running at those spots…period.  

So of course, I’m thinking, “No big deal.”  So I've had to strategize how to have enough energy to be awake enough to get him. 

One idea was to just try and stay up until the time, but that only works if I’m working both jobs on the same day.

Another idea was to just get out to the place early and just take a mini nap, but I admit I’m a little too overly cautious when I’m napping someplace I’m not familiar with.  I spent more time jerking my eyes open and looking around as well as double checking my automatic locks than actual napping.

So those two ideas were risky in themselves, so then I opted for two more:  One would be on the days where I only had to work the day job, I would just come back to the apt. immediately and nap for a few hours—set my alarm to where I would have enough time to get myself fully awoke or a few hours before he’s to get off to head off to the gym.

The other would be nap, get up, and just head straight to the gym (not optional).

Well, Thursday was supposed to be “get up from nap and go to gym”.  But I ended up sleeping past my alarm and the sound I heard was the Sweetie asking if I was on my way.  That was how I missed out on the full body planned workout.

Friday, he had to stay a little bit later than anticipated, so my sleep schedule got thrown off, and I slept past my 5:00 alarm to get to my 2nd gig job which I have to do the 7am shifts on Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily, I was only 10 minutes late.  

I flew out the door and forgot the bag where I normally keep my exercise log and clothes.  I figured I’d head back to the apt., map out my workout, and then come back out.

Yet, when I got back to the apartment, I was still feeling a bit of soreness in my legs (guess more from the intensity of the cardio, since I didn't do lower body that day), so I was resting my body to give my legs a bit more time.  The resting turned into a bit longer, so it looked like Saturday wasn't in the cards, either.

So I’m figuring that’s okay and that I still had Sunday, but then I remembered there was a possibility that the laundry mat may not be open all day on Monday, so I shouldn't take any chances, and I had about three weeks worth of clothes which needed tending to. 

But the Sweetie was exhausted and by the time I got him coherent and ready to go, it was about 6; by the time we were finished, it was 9:30 and he had just missed the bus he needed to take to get him to work by 11:00, so by the time I finished with that, even though my body was willing, my eyes were not.  I know there was a show I was looking at, but I don’t remember much about it because I was out.  When I’m completely out (like exhausted type sleep), I don’t dream at all, and it’s been like that for the past couple of weeks now.

My body has had a rough couple of weeks.  

Part of it is because of the changes in patterns, I think.  I have made a few adjustments in areas where it seems like its causing aggravation to the point of pain rather than just regular burn/having to get adjusted.

Also, it doesn't help that I’m running out of some of my “go to foods” before the money is coming in to replenish them.  In addition, I had a few rough days where my levels really dropped down, and it’s riskier for me to exercise when that happens because exercise actually brings it down lower if not careful. 

I’m confident it will bounce back; it always does.  I just have to be patient.

I’m on call for the 2nd gig.  Reason being is that one of the females (well, I’d say both of the females—who I deem the Tribe of Thieves) is quite unreliable.  I feel like a tell tale sign is when a person calls out twice in their first week of work, yet they decided to hire her anyway.  Also, she has called out for three Fridays in a row.  So, he tells me that if she calls out again, he may need me to come in.  I told him that I’d come in at 4.  So if I have to come in at 4, I may not be able to get the workout in until later this week.  However, if I don’t have to, I’m definitely going to work out today because the gym closes at 9 tonight and won’t reopen until Wednesday.

We will see what happens.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Reggie said...

It is really hard working out on a regular...I feel you on that.

As for the coworkers that are trifling....and the management that hired them; well, it's best to throw the trash out. For some reason, it never stops smelling. Sometimes, it's just best to fish or cut bait.