Friday, December 7, 2012

More New Things, Activities, Food/Drink

Reference:  T is for Trying
Update: New Food, Things, or Activities
I know it’s been a while, and people have probably been wondering if I’m still trying new food, things, or activities since September. Indeed, I have!
Exercise Wise—I’m doing different settings on the Elliptical, such as the following:
1. Cardio (L1)
2. Fat Burn (L1)
3. Kilmanjaro (L1, L2)
4. Random (L1, L2)
5. Hill (L1)
6. Interval (L1)
7. Personal Trainer: Aerobics (L1)
Also doing different settings on the Bike:
1. Around The World (L1, L2)
2. Kilmanjaro (L1)
3. Cascades (L1)
4. Hill (L1)
5. Interval (L1)
Played with a few different ones on Treadmill:
1. Hill (L1, L2)
2. Cardio (L1)
3. Fat Burn (L1)
4. Fit Test (L1)
5. Sport Training 5K (L1)
6. Random (L1)
7. Interval (L1)
Recently did a variation on the treadmill—walk 2 minutes, jog for 1 minute. I will start incorporating it more but I did the first round as an experiment.
Things: Creative Wise (begins 2013):
Labor of Love
I’ve been formulating a concept which combines my silliness, abstract art, way with words, and other’s experiences—manifested for wearing. I’ve even come up with a name for the potential spot as well as ideas to spur off of. I don’t want to start fully advertising it as of yet until I get my first couple of products formulated, but a few of my closest friends I have been revealing this to.
Writing Projects
There is one old writing project I’m going to resume.
There is one project that I’ve been debating putting in print for a while but I had hesitated because I wasn’t sure if I was ready. However, I feel enough time has passed. Besides, I think now it will serve more as a way of healing than a reminder of any pain.
There is a new project forming. It won’t be my pseudonym’s typical style but it will show how she has evolved. No title sticks out as of yet. A few of the poems I may even put to being spoken, may even arrange to have it given free along with the book.
I would like all of the written projects to be available as Ebooks.
Things: Upgraded my phone; in love with Samsung Galaxy 2.
Internet Presence
I’m working on a design for my website. I am envisioning No Labels…Unleashed as being bigger than just my blog. I want each aspect of my writings/personality to be represented, so my domain name will encompass all of it. I think I will start off using a free portal at first; then as I build income, I will add some of the paid services to it, if needed.
1. Strawberry Orange Banana Drink—tried it, not so bad, but the aftertaste is a bit tricky.
2. Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea—extremely yummy
3. Crispy Honey Chicken (PF Changs)—absolutely scrumptious; I was skeptical about those rice straws but it evened out the flavor quite nicely
4. Adding Bailey’s Creamer to Hot Chocolate—I think it depends on what flavor Bailey’s I use. The Hazlenut, although I have used it with coffee, proved to be a little too strong to blend with the chocolate—perhaps the French Vanilla or the Original would have been better
5. Nirvana water: although it was cheaper, I didn’t like how it tasted. It’s bad when I prefer water out of the faucet to it, so I won’t be getting it in the near future.
6. Sugar Free Handi-Snacks chocolate pudding—I do like it but it’s not something I could constantly eat.
7. Peter Pan Plus Peanut Butter—Taste just like the regular; has added vitamins and no high fructose corn syrup
8. Zatarin’s Spanish Rice—very yummy; although SOS says that authentic Spanish rice doesn’t add tomatoes; nevertheless it was still good
9. Black Beans (at home)—because of time constraints, I’ve been trying different types of beans in the can. I found these to be quite yummy
10. Pigeon Peas—absolutely delicious
11. Butter Beans (in a can)—I must admit, I am used to them fresh, since my grandpa used to grow them. So I can’t say this is something I would do all the time.

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