Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soul Cleanse 28: T is for Trying (updated 9.30)

Soul Cleanse 28: Try new foods, things, and activities.

I do admit.  I tend to be one of habit.  If I find a food, thing, or activity I like, I tend to come back to what I like.  When I dare to try something different, it's rare, and in more cases than not, I can tell a horror story about it.

I just have to view it like this: if I try it and don't like it, then I don't have to try it again.  But I can at least say that I did it.  When I look at my life, do I want it to be full of would've, could've and should've?  Or do I want to say that my life has a certain amount of richness?  I've been leaning towards the latter.

I think what I'm going to do is put up the summary of the new things, food, or activities in this blog and use separate entries, entitled "Practicing My T's", listing the new thing, food, or activity there.  When I update this entry, I will put the date next to the title.

I'm going to mainly focus on September, since this month is my birthday month.  However, I am not just going to make it a September thing, but something from this point out.


September 1st: I tried the Chicken Milano sandwich during break at Quiznos.  Instead of the wheat bread, I opted to get the Garlic Bread.  Also, although I usually get lettuce on my sandwiches, I’ve been taking the lettuce off and substituting with cucumbers, then adding tomatoes and onions.  I’ve also not been putting mayonnaise on my sandwiches; lately, no type of condiment at all, as far as mustard, honey mustard, oil…none of that.  I thought I would miss the flavor of the mayonnaise, but maybe what I had missed was the moisture that was provided.  This isn’t a sandwich I could eat every day but it is one that I will indulge in more.

September 2nd: I tried the Turkey Ranch & Swiss during break at Quiznos.  Although I’m not a huge fan of Swiss, I found it complimented the turkey quite nicely.  In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, I did add green peppers to the mix, which I have never gotten on a sandwich.  The crunchiness meshed quite well.  The only drawback was that there was too much ranch dressing on the sandwich, so if I order it again, I will tell the guy not to place so much ranch on it.

September 3rd: I attempted to exercise on the cross trainer for the first time since August 20th.  I found myself getting frustrated at my progress, but I was able to exercise for 5 and a half minutes, the longest since my three previous attempts at the machine.

September 4th: Since Subway wasn’t that far from the day job, I opted to walk from the office to there in order to get a sandwich.  I usually refuse the foot long up sell, but this time, just so I can have some left over for tomorrow, I decided to take advantage.  I think the person was surprised I had agreed.

September 5th:  I decided to try the Popcorn Chips in the Kettle Corn Flavor.  I don't mind the lightness of the product.  I am not a big fan of the Sweet and Salty Mix.  I guess I just prefer my popcorn to be salty rather than salty-sweet.

September 6th:  After day gig, traveled to Hair by Nedjetti for my hairapy at 6PM.  The end result is to the left.

September 7th:  I went to work out immediately after the day gig and dared to get on what I've deemed as "That Damned E."  My endurance has increased from slightly under 3 minutes to 7 minutes.

September 8th Italian Basil Chicken Wrap (grilled) from Burger King and Onion Rings.  I normally do not eat from Burger King.  Unfortunately, at the 2nd gig, there’s not much to choose from in terms of where to eat.  The Italian Basil Chicken Wrap looked intriguing, a lot more so than the other wraps.  Plus, I’ve never had their onion rings and wanted to have something different than French fries.  Also, they had run out of the apple fries.  It was very good; I am a fan of the seasoning.  The onion rings weren’t bad, either.

September 9th: I tried the Turkey Sonoma flatbread from Quizznos.  It is rather flavorful, although the guy who was making it for me wasn’t being entirely truthful as it pertains to the Chipolte Mayo.  I felt some significant heat, not unbearable but more than I was used to.  However, I think it would have done the flatbread a great disservice if none was on there.

September 10th: Ignore the rage, even in instances where it is justified.

September 11th: Tried the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee—French Vanilla flavor.  

September 12th:  New Food and Drink: Chicken Taquitos and Albarino

September 13th: New Food: Pan Seared Turbot with Vegetable Couscous

September 14th:  New Activity: Taking Down an Up-do

September 15th: New Activity: Going to see a movie based on a Video Game less than one week after its’ premiere in the theater.

September 16th: New Activity: Stocking Up on Yankee Candles

September 17th: New Activity: Wore Something New at the Day Job

September 18th: New Activity: Exercised when agitated instead of going to bed, simmering with anger

September 19th: New Activity: When Snack Urge Struck at the Job, Drink Water.

September 20th: New Activity:  Opted to Stock at the 2nd gig instead of Register

September 21st: New Activity:  Instead of wearing jeans on Casual Friday, wore a jean skirt.

September 22nd: New Activity: Doing a few Free Weights Exercises.

September 23rd New Activity: Surviving through a Xbox Zumba Workout.

September 24th: New Food: White Jasmine Rice and Chick Peas

September 25th: New Food: Dannon Greek Yogurt

September 26th: New Food: Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Chips

September 27th: New Thing: Having A Car Repair Bill Turn Out Less Than Anticipated

September 28th: New Thing: Medicine Bargain Shopping (with much needed assistance)

September 29th: New Activity:  Achieved 15 minutes on the Elliptical

September 30th: New Activity: The Unexpected Long Nap

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