Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Food-Chicken Milano

September 1st: I tried the Chicken Milano sandwich during break at Quiznos.  

Instead of the wheat bread, I opted to get the Garlic Bread.  

Also, although I usually get lettuce on my sandwiches, I’ve been taking the lettuce off and substituting with cucumbers, then adding tomatoes and onions.  

I’ve also not been putting mayonnaise on my sandwiches; lately, no type of condiment at all, as far as mustard, honey mustard, oil…none of that.  I thought I would miss the flavor of the mayonnaise, but maybe what I had missed was the moisture that was provided.  This isn’t a sandwich I could eat every day but it is one that I will indulge in more.

New Things (summary): 1.  the sandwich itself  2.  the type of bread  3.  subtraction of the lettuce  4. addition of the cucumbers  5.  no mayonnaise.

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