Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 29

Workout Date:  Saturday, November 10th, 2012
Time: 4:55-7:15pm
Warm Up: stocking
Target Areas:
Machine Used-Chest Press:  I experimented with the 25lb. Phase out and I did 2@40, and 1@55.  I am able to handle the chest press better since I switched to the other machine.
Machine Used-Fixed Pulldown (free weights):  I did 1@55, 1@70, and 1@85.
Machine Used-Rear Deltoid:  Using the knob adjustment, I was able to do 2@40 and 1@50.
Side Note: On this machine, I keep going back and forth.  Back and forth in the sense that sometimes, I can handle 2 sets at 50 and other times, it’s a strain of doing 1 set at 50.  I do know, for the time being, not to advance any farther than 50.
Biceps (free weights): I used the 30lb. Long bar and was able to do 3 sets of them.
Side Note:  I’m not sure why I can do heavier weights when it’s one long bar than it is when it’s two separate.  I wonder if I’m the only one who has that issue.
Machine Used-Arm Press: I did 1@90, 1@110, and 1@130.
I used two machines: Leg Press and Hip Abductor
Leg Press:  I did 1@70, 1@90, and 1@110.
Hip Abductor:  I did 1@110, 1@130, and 1@150.
Ab Crunch (upright): I attempted to phase out the 40lb. Weights.  I did 1@50, 1@60, 1@70 and 1@80. Although it is going to be tempting to go back to the 40, I have to start building up more endurance and continuing on, despite the strain.
Lower Back Extension:  Keeping this one on 1@70, 1@90, and 1@110 for now.
Additional Machines:
Torso Rotation:  I did 6@90.  Not sure if it is time to bring in 100 or 110.  I may play around with it in about a week or so.
Ab Coaster: 3sets of 20 with 40lbs. resistance.  
Cardio/Cool Down:
Elliptical:  I opted to do some different programs on the elliptical:
1st one: Fat Burn (THR: 125)—5 minutes + 2 for cool down=       7 minutes
2nd one: Cascade (Level 1)—5 minutes + 2 for cool down=          7 minutes
Total on elliptical: 10 minutes (no cool down); 14 minutes (inc. cool down)
I did split the elliptical work out up; I performed the 1st one at the beginning and the last one towards the end.
Bike:  I did a new setting on the Bike, entitled Around The World.  I decided to play with it for about 10 minutes.  Including the 3 for cool down, it totaled 13 minutes.
Treadmill:  I initially was going to do two settings for Treadmill but for some reason the first one I chose didn't stop after the time I set it.  Normally, I would stop the machine but this time around, I decided to keep going with it.  I was on the 5K setting, and I was able to stay on it for 25 minutes.  Adding the 5 minutes for cool down, it brought my total to 30 minutes. 
Treadmill Total:  25 minutes (not including cool down); 30 minutes (including cool down)
Total Cardio Workout:  45 minutes (not including cool down); 57 minutes (with cool down)
I have increased my cardio time from 40 minutes to 45 minutes.
No Hydromassage bed, but I did enjoy the long shower I had once I made it back to the apartment.

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Reggie said...

I absolutely hate lifting weights. Just reading this made me tired. I need to do better.