Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 15

Day 15:  I am thankful for the splashes of inspiration all around.

There are so many magnifiers of things going wrong.  At times, it seems as if everyone is drinking the doom Kool Aid.  Media of all types feed off of the negativity; lots of instances, negativity generates a lot more revenue and attention than anything positive.

Even looking in a Facebook news feed, you see it.  Some has to do with who one associates with.  If one has friends who are about the excessive drama, or even if that friend has friends who only get hype when things aren't right, it can be chaotic.  Yes, everyone has freedom of speech, but sometimes,  you want to tell some people, “Shut the hell up.  Your speech rights have been revoked.”

I can’t be the only one…or am I?

However, the majority on my Facebook friends list (only exception may be people I have on there just because we share a Facebook game in common) are people who have a positive and inspirational way about them.  I’m not saying they are perfect.  Everyone has a moment, myself included, when he wants to say, “I’m upset; I’m pissed off,” and not get judged because it’s the one day he just doesn't feel like smiling.  However, they aren't constantly getting caught up in a lot of drama; if they do, they are not constantly advertising on Facebook.  They know how to handle their business.

I am thankful to them, for some of them remind me to keep it together.  Goodness knows there have been days when all the wrong threatens to suck me in.

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