Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 7

Day 7:  I am thankful that despite all the big money and the attempts to obstruct the vote, democracy still won out.

It was a very close race, but I am very glad Obama ended up winning.  I am glad people early voted and showed up at the polls.

I am glad this election season is over with.  There was so much disrespect, mud slinging.  It just got to be a bit of overkill.  This is the time where all the political parties need to come together and just get things done.  As a people, we are tired of all the bickering, and I believe we are at the point where we don't care who is to blame for what.  Let's just move on from this point.

Republican party, you have a lot of work to do.  Who are you, really?  Deep down, I don't think you are this Tea Party monster you've become.  You guys have to figure it out and have to find a way to work with this President to get things done.  Otherwise, you will always be painted as the ones standing in the way of progress.  Quit being The Stupid Party.

Democratic party, you need to grow a set.  You cannot constantly complain it's the Republican's fault when there were times when you didn't have Obama's back when he needed it.  You guys need to stay united, for one, and speak up at the outrage when it happens, for two.  Don't wait until the aftermath to start getting bold.  Start getting bold when it's time to vote for these policies.

The people of this country are evolving.  As representatives of the people, you have to evolve with the people.

So let's get to work.


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Reggie said...

God bless America and God bless Barack Hussein Obama!!!