Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 24

Day 24: I am thankful for taking time to weigh out things and take anger out of the equation before making a decision.

Ever since the two new girls have started working at the 2nd job, things have gotten a bit tougher for me.  On days when I know I shouldn't be short money, I've been short money.  I know I haven’t gone senile.  I know I can do math.  I just haven’t liked how this whole scenario looks.

I found out I hadn't been the only person missing money.  The other person who had been working there for a while, primarily during the evenings had been missing money, too.  He alerted me that he knew for certain what one of the girls was doing.  Once he pointed it out, I had noticed the same thing as well. 

However, when I asked him why he didn't mention anything, it is because he fears that nothing will really be done about it.  I have to confess that his fear is not unfounded. 

This is the same organization who has leads and management tell you to leave expired food on the shelves so that it can look full….

I did struggle with whether I should say anything.  I’m not one to go around and snitch on people.  However, when it affects not only me but another person who has worked there for almost a decade, I feel it would be wrong not to say something.

Today, I know there was a certain batch of lottery tickets I didn't sell, but when it came time for me to punch out, I noticed tickets missing.  When I ended up short yet again on a day where I should have been up $1.00, it just kind of confirmed for me that I need to make someone aware.  I can only pray they handle things properly.  Even if they don’t, at least they know the situation is happening, and the other person and I can quit being looked at as if we are thieves.

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