Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 23

Day 23: I am thankful for days when I don’t work both jobs, which is rare.

On this day, I had off from the 2nd job anyway.  They rarely have been working me on Fridays.  I did decide to take a day off from the day job.  I was originally going to take off Wednesday, but the other lady decided she was going to take off.  Plus, since I was working the night job anyway, I decided things perhaps worked out for the best after all.

I didn't do any holiday cooking, since I got the free turkey a little late from the 2nd job.  I did decide to play catch up on some things I had on my DVR.  I just did the best I could to relax, which can be a bit hard for me, since my mentality is like, “I have to be doing something.”

Well, I did take down my loc knots and was very pleased with the curly results.  Chescaleigh was right.  When you do one strand knots rather than 2 strand knots, the curls look more uniformed.  For me, they turned out a bit curlier as well.

I also played around with some makeup, even though I didn't really go anywhere.  One of my closest friends on Facebook called one of my looks, the Nicki Minaj look.  I wasn't even thinking about that chic until she said something about it.  I am a bit perturbed that I seemed to have misplaced the liquid eye liner.  

I played around with some darker looks, but some of those I didn't post.  Perhaps I’ll save some of those pictures for something else.  

I am so impressed with how good the pictures are coming out on from the Samsung II phone.  I may even do a comparison between my older camera (a 7.1 pixel), my newest camera (a 14.1 pixel) and the phone just for clarity.  We will see what happens.

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