Friday, August 31, 2012

Informed Choices Should Outweigh Political Affiliation

This post is inspired by Lincoln Anthony Blades, creator of This Is Your Conscience.  I was actually trying to  put this in as a response to one of his blog entries, entitled "Ya'll Can Miss Me With All This B.S. Condi Praise."

However, I think my response is a little too lengthy, so it makes more sense for me to just post this on its' own.

Just like there are stereotypes regarding race, there are stereotypes regarding political affiliation.  If you are black, it is almost expected for you to be Democratic in affiliation, and there is something wrong with you if you are black and a Republican.

I have no problem with anyone pledging Democratic, Republican, Independent, etc., as long as you believe that particular party is in alignment with your values, what you believe, and that the party is in alignment with your best interests.  

However, I do have a problem with a person supporting a particular party just because the majority of a race does or that's just how you've always done it...blindly following something or someone without knowing what is truly going on.

When I have gone to the polls to vote, not just on a national level, but on a local level as well, I try to be as well informed on the issues as possible.  I don't just listen to what the candidates are saying; I listen to what they are not saying or translate it into what they are really saying.

Is it something I can support or be down with?  Whether it does or doesn't plays a part in whether that person is picked, regardless of the political affiliation.

If you ask me if I have voted Republican in any of them, the answer is No, not because they were Republican but I made an informed decision not to.

Was there ever a time when I thought about it?  Yes, there was.

I am not in agreement at all with the way the Republican party is going.  They have gotten way too radical in their ideologies.

"Legitimate vs. Illegitimate Rape." for one.  I found that distinction to be quite offensive.  Then, the rhetoric "where the female body can just reject sperm if she is being raped."  Then, he tried to somewhat backtrack; however, I'm sure he isn't the only person who feels this way.

My stance is this:  Just because I am Pro Choice doesn't mean I am Pro Abortion.  I don't think a woman who was a victim of incest or rape should be made to carry the child.  I think abortion should be made as an option for her.  I also think if other women want to use abortion as an option, even if not in that circumstances, they should as well.  I think the government doesn't have any business dictating what a woman should do with her body.

These crazy voter ID laws (for two).  They have trumped up the number of voter fraud issues to try to legitimize these laws being implemented.  Yet, I don't think it is coincidence the places they are trying to get these laws implemented in tend to skew Democratic. These new voter laws are making it very difficult, and some people (like the situation in Pennsylvania, particularly those in the Philadelphia area) may not get acceptable ID’s in time for this upcoming election.  It is amazing this is an issue this year, when the Republicans are trying desperately to get any advantage they can to get Obama out of office, yet the election before, there was none.  If the Republicans could truly win fair and square, they wouldn't need to resort to these type of tactics.  Seem kind of suspect to me.

Just like another person was saying on Lincoln's blog:  "Any ID that I can use at the bank, give to a police officer etc..I should be able to use at the voting polls..."  I definitely agree with that.

I admire Condi for her accomplishments and her candor.  It is unfortunate she is on the wrong side of the issue.  I don’t understand how she can support the Republican Party the way it is now.  This is the party that supports not giving a rape or incest victim the choice to abort her baby, instead making her carry the child.  People who are getting taxed the least will continue to get breaks while the ones paying the most will get none.  Seniors will have to try and buy Medicare because Romney and Ryan want to put it on a voucher program.  I don’t understand how she can advocate a party which is dead set on making it harder for senior citizens, women, immigrants, and middle and lower class families.

Then, I ask myself, "How many of us are really paying attention?"  Like, actually taking into account what the other's stance is on issues.  

Am I disenchanted with Obama?  I'm not going to front; I am.  I didn't vote for him, thinking he was going to undo eight years of damage in four.  I'm not that unrealistic, although a lot of people are.  I just think he should have done a better job of prioritizing.  Jobs and unemployment should have been at the forefront before health care; by the time he did take the steps with unemployment, too little surplus was implemented.  Plus, on some things, he should have just not compromised on.

There are some people who have decided they are just not going to vote.  

If you don't vote for one candidate, you might as well have voted for the other, even though you didn't mark the X next to his name.  You are saying that you don't care who is in office nor about the repercussions which could follow.  

Just pay attention to the issues.  Make an informed decision.  Silence is definitely not golden at the polls, not just on a national level but on a local level.  Exercise the RIGHT to vote.


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Reggie said...

I must admit that I was greatly disappointed in those first two years. I believe that the president missed some golden opportunities to effect that change that he kept talking about; especially since at that time he had a Democratic House and Senate. It was frustrating watching that happen, because a blind man could see that the Republicans pushed by those Tea Party toothless, unwashed, backwards types was going to reclaim many a seat once the drunken rednecks who didn't vote during the general election finally sobered up and took their asses to the polls. A blind man could see it coming.

But given the choice at the time of our current president and that old man and that crazy bitch from Wasilla, I know my fellow Americans made the right choice.

Now given all the things that have happened over the last calendar year, especially to women I don't see the problem. How any woman would vote Republican this year is beyond me.

Now the last year and a half or so haven't been that bad and even the president's bailout of the automobile industry saved countless millions of jobs. Even though Mitt claims to be from Michigan he's stated time and time again how that was a mistake.........which makes no fucking sense. He supported Bush when he bailed out the banks and yet he questioned our president when he bailed out the American automobile industry.

Some people just aren't paying attention to what's going on in this country.