Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fitness Detox 1: Arch Nemesis Arc Trainer & The Evil Elliptical

In one of my Fit On Progress entries (I believe it was #6), I was starting to get a bit long winded as it pertains to side notes in my experiences.  So I decided I would do separate entries entitled Fitness Detoxes.  It would include but not be limited to:

(1) Observations 
(2) Research findings 
(3) Creeping negative self talk or insecurities 
(4) Any improvements or setbacks

My 1st Fitness Detox :  Elliptical and Arc Trainer Issues

Out of the cardio machines, I find these two machines the most intimidating.  

The first time I got on the Arc Trainer, my legs were not comfortable with the movement.  I got off the machine.  The maximum I have been able to do on the machine is 5 minutes thus far.  I haven’t done any of the pre-set programs as of yet, but I have been utilizing the Quick Start.

The first time I got on the Elliptical, it feels okay but only for the first minute.  Once I get past two minutes, I have to stop.  One time I did manage to do 5 minutes, but since that time, I’ve been only able to do 3 minutes. 

I know it takes time, but I’m trying to fight the frustration, especially since the elliptical and arc trainer are hailed to be more effective in cardio and weight loss methods than the bike and the treadmill—in the sense that the goal is achieved faster. 

I know the answer isn't avoidance, for if I keep avoiding either machine, I am never going to get past my hang ups about it. 

So I have decided to do research, and I’m not alone in having these issues, particularly with the elliptical.
The suggestions I discovered mentioned lowering the level and to slowly increase the endurance.  One person even suggested just trying to get used to the treadmill before even trying the elliptical. 

I will give these things a whirl and will update on my findings.

Reminders to Self: 

 1.       Celebrate the small victories.

2.       It’s better to progress slowly than to progress too quickly and result in backsliding.

3.       Set realistic expectations.  Instead of aiming for two more minutes on a difficult machine, place the goal at 1 minute or even 30 seconds. 

4.       I am still a beginner.

5.       99 times out of 100, no one else is really paying attention to how long I am staying on the machine, unless it’s my trainer (who I never really get to see, but that’s a whole different detox)


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