Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Changes and Soul Scribes to Come

Usually, close to the time of my birthday, this is my ritual:

If it falls on a weekday, I either celebrate the weekend before it or the weekend after it.  If it happens to fall on a Saturday or Sunday, I just celebrate it for that particular day. I also try to put in off for my birthday, whether it falls on a weekday or a weekend.

However, I am doing something a bit different.  I have decided that I’m going to celebrate the entire month of September. 

Not saying I’m going to take time off for a month (although I will be taking off some days).  I am saying that I’m going to do some things on all 30 days of September that will give me some sort of enjoyment.  It could be something as simple as treating myself to a dessert I haven’t had in a while or a food I’ve never had.  Or it could be something like a mini getaway.  It could be my spending some time to myself or time with loved ones. 

Either way, every day is going to be some type of celebration.

In addition, I’ve been doing some looks into myself.  I’m not just talking about putting a mirror in front and checking out my appearance.  I’m talking about an internal mirror.  

I recognize there are things I’m still doing that are keeping me from being the ultimate me I strive to be.  I have elements of myself that I’m not giving recognition to, yet are components from which I am able to create certain things.  I don’t want to do those things injustice anymore.  I also know there are things I haven’t been doing which I need to start doing to ensure my growth isn’t stunted.

Also, there are things I have started to do, and I want to promote their continuation. 

So after these glimpses down in their rough form, I noticed that the first letter in all of them, when put in a certain order, spelled out SEPTEMBER.  I don’t want to debate whether it’s coincidence or not, but one thing that isn’t up for debate: It shall be written. 

So my glimpses I will write down.  I will list them in outlined form and then break them down in separate entries, since each deserves their own spotlight.  Perhaps I will even include them as Soul Cleanses, since they seem to somewhat fit.  They are as follows:

Stop overly suppressing my sensual/sexual side.
Enjoy each day, even when there are more tragedies than triumphs.
Put myself first more.
Try new foods, things, and activities.
Embrace the shape/skin I’m in now and celebrate any victories in its’ improvement.
Make clear distinctions between constructive criticism and negative self-talk.
Bring back activities that brought me joy and maintained my levels of peace.
Educate myself continuously.
Recognize that forgiveness and closure is for me, not for the other person.

It’s going to be interesting what types of emotions ooze from these writings—whatever the case, I welcome the journey and where it takes me.


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