Monday, July 2, 2012

The Un-sexy Chronicles III: I Don't Do Funk

Everyone wants to put their best self forward.   Some people can look beautiful with practically no effort.  Others need makeup enhancement to do the trick.  Some people leave it to the experts of digital enhancements.  All of this to spark attention.

Let’s take a dating website for example.  Let’s have Guy A and Guy B.

Guy A fills out a full profile, from About Me to all of the little compatibility quizzes but fails to put up a picture.  

Guy B just fill out the basics, but has lots of pictures to look at.  

Guy A checks his inbox and has two messages; Guy B checks his inbox and has ninety-two messages.

Of course, we should admire Guy A’s substance but humans are visual creatures.

We want to look at who we are dealing with and then, if that draws us, then we start going through the process to getting to know more.

Guy B has given the visual but not quite enough information ; therefore, leaving the opening for a chance of meeting to get to know more.

Guy A believed he was being helpful in giving out information to skip a lot of the small talk.  He probably has succeeded in deleting those who don’t fit his criteria.

However, his lack of picture does draw some assumptions.  One could be that he is shy.  Another could be that he is unattractive—like “if he’s so impressive, why can’t I see what he looks like?”  He may be perceived as deceptive.

And just like that, Guy A and his thorough openness is seen as a cover up for something he’s lacking.

Not saying it’s fair, but it does happen.

So let’s get back to the scenario.

Back to Guy B.  He finds a good online rapport with Female C, and they finally arrange to meet.  She already has this heightened image of him.  She plans out her wardrobe based on where she thinks the activities are going to go….

It’s been a while since I’ve had some, but I don’t want to be too eager.  Should I show more chest, ass, or leg?  Do I just want to take it slow?

She decides on her look, gets fresh and clean.  Her appearance and scent is decadent.

They agree to meet in a new restaurant in town.  She arrives but she is a bit early.  She takes her seat at the bar so he won’t miss her.  Plus, it will give her a chance to see him before he sees her.

While she waits, she opts for a drink.  As she is waiting on the drink, she picks up on a strong, unpleasant smell.  She turns around but doesn’t see anyone.  Then she notices the scent has moved to the front; she turns around and sees Guy B.  The awful scent is still there.

How can this sweet dream in appearance be a nightmare in good scents?

Moral of the story:  You can Photoshop looks not funk….

I don’t care if you are drop dead gorgeous.  If you smell like skunk or a rotten egg, I can’t mess with you.

I love good scents, being around good scents.  There is nothing like a man who knows how to keep himself clean---that is in touch with the type of scents to use to go along with his body chemistry.

If anyone tells you that one scent can work for every man, that person is sadly mistaken.  Just because Obsession smells good on one man doesn’t mean it smells good on every man.

If you don’t wear cologne (and that’s your preference), make sure you are wearing deodorant or using soaps that are good to your body chemistry.

And not just your body.  Make sure your mouth is right, too.  I shouldn’t be able to tell you ate tacos earlier or that you’ve had that breath since yesterday morning.  Brush those teeth.  If you are fresh out of toothpaste, Arm and Hammer can get the job done, too.

There are too many products—natural and all.

I’m not vain but my nose is.

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