Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keeping Things (True and Pure)

Keeping things true.

Keeping things pure.

My brain is running, even as my body is running on empty.

I first caught wind of this while watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, has launched his own website, seeking donations for living expenses and legal fees.

First of all, I’m outraged because there’s nothing disputing this man shot and killed Trayvon Martin; whether he killed Trayvon or not isn’t up for debate, yet as I’m writing this, the man still has not been arrested. Trayvon was unarmed; George Zimmerman was armed. George Zimmerman says, “Self defense” but looking at the video footage, there are no signs of a broken nose, torn clothing, grass stains, anything that would indicate there was any type of struggle. Experts reviewing the 911 call confirm that it’s Trayvon screaming, not George.

This isn’t media spin; it’s just facts.

On top of that, the website shows a picture of a vandalized cultural center with “Justice for Zimmerman” written in graffiti, along with these words:

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”- Henrik, Isben
This page is dedicated to persons whom have displayed their justice for ALL.
Thank you,
George Zimmerman

Are you serious? This man took a life, an unarmed child’s life. No matter what race, it’s just wrong. Yet, he’s trying to make himself a victim, citing how difficult things are for him now that his employment was adversely affected. Well, if he didn’t shoot down somebody and pretend it was self defense, he would still have gainful employment. Why did he continue to follow Trayvon after the 911 dispatcher clearly told him not to? He is responsible for his own predicament; he doesn’t deserve donations to maintain his lifestyle for something caused by his lapse of judgment not should people fund his wrongdoing in taking out a child.

That’s the stance I’m coming from.

So where does the “keeping things true, keeping things pure” sentences come from that I put at the interim?

It comes from when people chime in and make statements that have nothing to do with the core and the facts.

I got a response from a person, trying to make it seem like this whole thing is “media spin”. Mentioning things about what the new Black Panther Party is saying, talking about they are advocating the “killing of whites” and “whites who have nothing to do with the crime are getting beaten”.

How did we get from my expressing my disgust about this website extend to “media spin”, “Black Panther Party”, and “advocacy of beating and killing white people”?

Nothing about “spin”, “Black Panther”, or “advocating killing white people” ever came from my lips or any of my postings.

So I made my response, from a diplomatic perspective, on my Facebook, because I don’t want outside things diluting the point I’m trying to make about this website being in existence in response to this individual….

But now that I’m addressing this on my blog….

WTF does media spin, the Black Panther Party, or these uprisings in whites getting beaten have to do with the fact that Trayvon’s dead, the guy who did it is still walking around free, and is adding insult to injury by putting up a website, asking folks to fund his lifestyle and his legal fees?

Not a MF-ing thing!

No disrespect to the Black Panther Party, but just because I am black doesn’t necessarily mean I have to be affiliated with the Black Panther Party.

Why would a person even come out of their mouth and mention anything about them? What point was this person really trying to make to even mention the Panther Party or their so-called advocacy of killing white people?

Why was the Panther Party brought up and not the Klan? Heck, if he was going to bring the Panther Party into it, why not bring the Klan in the mix as well?

And then going on to say, “It shouldn’t come to a race war”, then later for him to say, “But I agree with what you’re saying.”

But if he agreed with what I was saying why even let all that other stuff drip out on the scene?

Race war….if you think a race war was just now going on…news flash, the shit’s been going on for years.

Black folks getting killed unjustifiably isn’t a new predicament for us.

Neither are people in general being killed for no reason.

So the point I’m trying to make is this: If one is going to make a seemingly off the wall comment, tie it into the discussion where it makes sense.

Like the whole thing with Geraldo Rivera and the hoodie; he talked so much about Trayvon being targeted because of wearing his hoodie, yet he was at a game wearing a “hoodie.”

Should Geraldo be targeted for his own hoodie or can he use the excuse, “I was wearing the hoodie just to keep warm”?

What is the difference between when Geraldo wears one and when someone else wears one? Perhaps Trayvon was trying to keep warm, too!

If it doesn’t make sense, I call it—nicely put, nonsense. Bluntly put, “Bullshyt!”

And on another note, to the politicians: Quit using this injustice to make yourselves look good.

If you really care, that’s one thing. If you are out there protesting and using your power to help the cause to ensure this doesn’t happen to any other child, no matter what race, that’s fine.

But don’t say, “Oh, it’s a travesty it happened,” and then tell people, “Drop it; move on to something else already!”

It’s easy for you to say it if it didn’t happen in your backyard. If this happened to your child, would you want people to quit talking about it? Or would you want them to continue to fight to see that justice was done for your child? I already know which one you would choose, so why do you expect others to not choose or do in the same fashion?

On top of that, I understand if funds are being raised to help out Trayvon Martin’s family. I understand if people are raising monies and donating to causes so that this travesty won’t happen to others.

What I am NOT a proponent of are people coming up with merchandise and what not, using it for their own personal gain. People should not be using this young man’s death to line their pockets with riches.

Keeping things true and pure is about keeping focus on the core of what this is about: An armed man killed an unarmed child, and that’s not right.


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