Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We have known each other for such a long time.

Now it’s time to get a move on.

Now it’s time to break the spell….

Yes it started off as good, but slowly, surely it turned into Dark Magic.

And at first, I thought others were crazy, telling me You were bad for me. Cause You were there for me when everyone else had gone their way.

But now, as the years have passed, I have slowly, surely realized, the more We cling on to each other,
The more We do ourselves Injustice.

As I’m feeding You, I am becoming malnourished. As I’m stepping out, You’re becoming shattered.

And now Our once perfect language requires an interpreter. The once beautiful symphonies are now ugly and staccato.

And I just don’t want this thing to turn nastier than it is.

And really it’s not You; It’s me.

I’ve gotta shake loose this skin….

The oversized shirts I’ve been wearing: No longer seem suitable for anything other than sleeping.

The supremely comfortable jeans and pants…the ones where I could fit my whole hand down the front and sides, yet still have room, are now seemingly ill fitting and have no place in my closet.

Even the undergarments are definitely out of sync—caught in the muck between the outlook I have now
and the way I used to think.

Yes, even the shoes, simply will not do!

So what does this mean for You and me?

You see, for a very long time, I’ve dealt with You. I’ve even picked out mates that accentuated You. Part of it was because I couldn’t see Me. It was so much easier, I admit, to go along with others’ opinions because of how often I heard them the majority of my life. Even when people said the opposite of You, since they were in the minority, it was hard for me to believe them. Even when the actions I performed shined, You and others found a way to make them seem not so bright, damn near tarnished.

And soon, I was so focused on placing validity in You that I subtracted validity from me…that in essence, I wasn’t myself anymore. I was more You.

Now, I realized You’re not my Lifetime.

You’re not appropriate this Season.

Heck, You’re not even a good Reason at this stage of the game.

You should not fight this new place I’m getting to. You should get out of the way, make room for this blossoming, this rebirth.

I’m shaking loose the cocoon, but I guess you’re fighting it, since the cocoon, in essence, is really You.

I have to make the outside fit what I’m feeling inside, and I’m no longer feeling You.

I’m feeling something brand new.



Beautiful, no matter what changes this body undergoes…weight gain, weight loss, wrinkles, or even stays the same.

And I can’t continue feeling like that with You sticking around.

So You have to bow down or just get lost.

Sure, I expect You to peek Your head out every once in a while, but You won’t dominate my every thought, my every mood. I won’t give You the power to take me out of my groove.

Even on days when You believe you have the upper hand, know Your stay will be temporary. You were never supposed to be permanent.

I can’t put all the blame on You. I gave You the Power, but not anymore.

Therefore, I’m taking it back, so jump back….

...unless You want my new heel to hit You in Your crack.

© 2012

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