Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Un-Sexy Chronicles: Introduction

One of the top questions I’ve been asked pertains to approach-ability.

Some have referred to me as being shy.

Others have deemed it caution and/or reserve.

While a few have deemed me aloof, stand offish, and stuck up.

Perhaps the things a guy should be asking are:

1.  What is it about me that would want her to pay attention to me?
2.  Am I approachable?
3.  Am I sexy?

So a few conversations over the years have prompted the birth of “The Un-sexy Chronicles.”

I haven’t quite decided on a cut off number but this will consist of a listing of things I find un-sexy.

For some who tried to approach me and failed this will give you some insight on why nothing took place.

This is not to put anyone on blast but to give some a glimpse into me.  I feel it is best to know from the gate what not to do.  Therefore, if you don’t fit that mold, you can eliminate yourself and save us both a lot of aggravation.

To others, this will serve as pure comedic value, and if you laugh, feel free.  If any one reading has gotten anything out of it, I have accomplished something.

Let the journey begin.

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Reggie said...

Okay okay...........I laughed.