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Kokology....just being curious

I saw this quiz on line and decided to take a stab at it.  I'm going to share my results here.  The answer I picked is in bold; I'm only going to share what my result meant (so one can't cheat and look at the answer explanation for the rest if you want to take the quiz)  If you are interested in taking the quiz as well, here's the link below and feel free to share your discoveries if you want:



Now, if you understand the terms and conditions, let's start right away, shall we?

1.) Imagine there're horribly threatening monsters angrily rampaging the city, what do you think is the cause of them anger; why the monsters are so furious?
a. They're hungry and looking for food
b. They're looking for their lost love
c. Just because they are ugly monsters with high temper
d. They're angry with this desperate world

The question stands for the dark side of yourself and cause of pressure in your life.  If you choose d. You are a pessimistic person.
I'm not quite sure I agree--I consider myself more of a realist than anything.  Perhaps realist can get misinterpreted as pessimism.  That is possible, I suppose.

2.) You are walking in the art gallery, you are relaxed and stop at one picture. You stop and stare at this picture for a long time, amazed and fascinated. What kind of picture is that?
a. Self-portrait
b. Parody version of something
c. Abstractd. Painting of nature

The question stands for your attractiveness.  If you choose c. You are creative person.

I can dig it.

3.) If you have a magical eraser that can erase anything:
a. Erase yourself
b. Erase your lover
c. Erase the third party

The question stands for how you handle the problem in your love life.  If you choose c. You don't like to let the problem goes on and effect with your life. You love to solve it right away.


4.) Again, you are in the art gallery, the same one as before. While you are looking at that picture, a guy standing next to you is about to say something. What is that might be?
a.) "What a beautiful painting, you think?"
b.) "How do you like this painting?"c.) "Excuse me; do you know what time is it now?"
d.) "You know, I'm the one who painted this picture"

The question stands for the way you act when you met someone for the first time.  If you choose b.  You will consider carefully before get to know someone.

That is definitely true.

5.) You are in 5 stars hotel room with a blue sky view. You fell asleep and take a nap for a couple hours. What do you expect to see outside the window once you wake up?
a. Midday sun shines above the marine blue sea
b. Dark blue sea reflexes stars on the sky
c. Cold blue sea barely see in the mist
d. The sun is setting at the end of the line where sky and sea has met

The question stands for what do you want from love. If you choose  d. You are looking for a perfect love. Ideal and romantic.

At my core, I'm a romantic at heart, but over time, a combination of realism and relationship experiences has affected the core just a smidget.

6.) You are reading stuff in the living room while someone is knocking on your door. Through the cat's eye you see a stranger. According to the way he dresses, this guy must be a technician. What kind of technician is that?
a. An electricianb. A plumber
c. Air-conditioner technician
d. Television or stereo technician

The question stands for the problem in your family that you try to ignore.  If you choose a. The warm atmosphere that everyone and talk to each other about anything.

Laughs to self.  I wish that my family was like that.  What I mean is I wish I could talk to certain family members about things without them thinking that when I'm giving my opinion that is is constructive rather than destructive or downgrading.  Or that certain members can open their ears more and their mouths less.  Or to admit they are wrong and to quit grandstanding like they have always been right.  It's like I've said in the past, "Anyone can be a fool but the one who admits it is on the path to wisdom."  A person is more willing to forgive another person if that other person acknowledges it. 

I could go on and on...but I will move on. 

7.) You are a superstar about to release a new album. What do you want for the album cover
a. Beautiful landscape
b. Cartoonish picture
c. Abstract picture, some artistic stuffd. Picture of yourself

The question stands for what you see as the most charming attitude in yourself and would like to express it for everyone to see.  If you choose c. You are skillful, very talented and very creative.

I am in agreement with said assessment....(lol).

8.) Your boss told you to cut a piece of paper into half. How do you like to cut it?
a. Cut it in straight
b. Cut it in wavy line
c. Cut it in zigzag line
d. Cut it in one curve line

The question stands for the method you will choose to end your relationship with someone.  If you choose a. You can end it right away. No regret.

Well, I guess with this one, it does depend on the person.  I must admit I haven't master how to use that formula with everyone, and I'm not sure whether I truly could.

9.) If you have to commit suicide, which way you will prefer?
a. Shoot yourself
b. Overdose yourselfc. Hang yourself
d. Jump off the building

The question stands for how you manage your money.  If you choose b. You are a businessman and know how to earn a money from anything you want.

I'm not sure if I even want to know how the suicide question is connected with money management.  So I'm just going to not say anything and let that marinate for a moment.

10.) Which part of the cake you are eager to eat?
a. The strawberry part
b. The uneatable decoration part
c. The sugary-decoration part
d. The Chocolate part
e. The decorating wafer part

The question stands for your attitude.  If you choose d. You are reasonable and a natural born leader. You love to be in control.

Hmmm....natural born leader.  I dunno.  But I do like having control in certain areas, and on certain things, I have a little difficulty letting go of the control.  So I guess I'm a control freak in some arenas and a control sub in others. Or maybe I just like chocolate slightly more than strawberry.

11.) You walk down the street and unintentionally kick the garbage bin fall in a mess. What do you expect to see?
a. Nothing, the bin is empty
b. Just a garbage spread all over the street
c. Mostly food
d. All the garbage has already put neatly in a bag

The question stands for what you want to hide from others.  If you choose d. You are in control and rarely tell other people about how you feel.
Well, there is some truth to this one.  During my younger years, it was rumored that one of my nicknames was Ice Maiden.  I don't think it was because people thought I was cold and unfeeling, but mainly because if something was going on with me, I tended to suppress it.  The times when I tried confiding in others, the majority of those people betrayed me along the way.  So after a while, I didn't confide in anyone.  So for me to do any confiding is a big step.  I am usually the person listening, consoling, giving advice to others.

12.) You are watching TV in the living room and decide it's time to go to bed. Entering the bedroom you see a snake on your comfy bed; what you are going to do?
a. Run awayb. A bit shocked but not that scared. However, you have no idea what to do in this situation
c. A bit shocked but not that scared, so you are immediately thinking of getting it out of the place

The question stands for your perspective towards relationship with your lover.  If you choose a. You afraid to begin a relationship with someone.

I guess there are some remnants of truth in this.  The majority of the relationships I have been in, the other person has been the one to start it, pursue it, not me.   For me, it has been the fear of rejection--my not asking someone out because it may end up the person will say no.  Perhaps if I would have seen "no" in my early years as not such a bad thing or the other person doing me a favor, I would have been more assertive.

13.) You are driving by the seaside. Seeing a beautiful landscape, you cannot help but pulling off the car to draw this breathtaking view as part of your memory. How do you like to draw the palm tree at the right side of the paper?
a. Taller than the real oneb. Same height with the real one
c. Shorter than the real one

The question stands for your background about your ex-lover.  If you choose a. You've already forgotten about your ex and ready to move on to someone else.


14.) You bought chocolate-filled donut from the most famous bakery in town. Unfortunately, happily bite a piece; you realize the one you've bought has nothing inside. What will you do?
a. Go back to the bakery and try to change it with a new one
b. Talk to yourself "It happens" then finish the donut
c. Throw it away frustratingly and buy something else
d. Find something to fill it yourself to make it even more delicious

The question stands for how you act once you face the unexpected problem.  If you choose a. You are reliable and ready for anything to come.

Well, I definitely try to be.

15.) There is an egg in front of you. What kind of egg is that?
a. Snake egg
b. Turtle egg
c. Dinosaur egg
d. Chicken egg

The question stands for the expectation towards your own child.  If you choose d. You just want your child to be safe and happy.

I don't have a child yet, but I do know what I want for my child.  I don't want my child to ever feel like her mother doesn't love her or her father neglected her.  Although I have accomplished a lot academically, I don't want to put undue pressure on my child to be like me or to exceed me.  I want to stress to her the importance of education, let her know how important good grades are to getting scholarships and opportunities early in life.  However, I also want her to know that it is more than good grades that make you intelligent.  You have to have street smarts as well.  You have to know how to be social and interact in the world beyond the computer, beyond the Internet, because the Internet, in making people more accessible also makes the world dangerous. 

I want her to be happy.  I want her to enjoy being a child.  I don't want her to deal with being a grown up and dealing with grown up situations like I did.  I didn't have much of a childhood, perhaps that's why there are times when I do things to relive or recreate the ambiance.  I don't want her to be in a rush in being grown.

I want her to be open to love but recognize when other things are disguising themselves as love.  I want her to know how to protect herself against all threats.  The world is more dangerous now than it was when I was growing up.  I want her to be ready.

(I'm not saying I won't have a son, but since my family is predisposition to have girls, it was easier for me to use she in this context.)

I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well.  Not my grandparents because I know they are proud of me regardless.  But I know they were upset when my mom got pregnant at such a young age, so they tightened the strings considerably when it came to what I could do and what I could not do.  I couldn't have friends (when I did have them) come to the house; I couldn't really date (I had boyfriends but they were like school relationships...I only saw them when at school or when we met up every once in a while at the mall).  So I put a lot of pressure on myself to be what my mother wasn't, what she didn't achieve.

All right.  I'm outie.

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