Friday, October 14, 2011

Spaded Truths (the E-book): Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

At eleven,
I felt as if I had no voice
So I used the pen
To travel where my voice
Could not reach
And soon I had dreams
Of one day being in print
If not by a major publisher;
Heck, just do it myself
…and I did that
not in it for profit
but for passion
(hey a little support
doesn’t hurt anyone)
it does make me smile
to be able to Google
the title of my first
self-published poetry book
and have it come up…
© Queen of Spades

I got an E-mail from the community I used to self-publish my book. It had decided to convert my first poetry book, Spaded Truths, into an E-book.

I admit, in some ways, I’m old fashioned.

I like the feel of holding a book, turning the pages…being able to put a bookmark in it, close it and go to sleep.

However, I also recognize more people like the convenience of being able to download something to read rather than the weight of a paperback or hardback book.

I am pretty excited about the whole thing. I am debating whether I should make some of my other works available via this format.

Until I decide, I will just do a happy dance about my oldest work.

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Reggie said...

I know it sounds silly, but it was hard for me to go to the Nook I use now. I like holding a book in my hands.

But......I enjoy my Nook too. Yesterday I downloaded a joke book. I've NEVER bought a joke book in my life, but when I was wandering around Barnes and Noble last week I just happened to pick it up and scan a few of the pages. The jokes were politically incorrect and downright funny as hell. The very first joke I read made me laugh my ass off. I know that laughing at racial jokes is wrong........but shit was funny.

Here's the joke.......

What are the first four words in every Mexican cookbook?!?

First, steal a chicken.........