Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not So Peaceful Tuesday and Thoughts

One of my "I'm a Boss" pictures, lol.

I had a very busy day on one of my days off.  I thought it was going to be relaxing, but I knew there was some leftover testing my ob gyn wanted me to complete, so I opted to get a head start on it.

Sometimes, you are given a harder time when you have a little bit of insurance than when you don't have any.  Yeah, it is strange I said insurance and it isn't even from the place where I get consistent hours.  Apparently, during the month I was attending my grandfather's funeral, the staffing agency decided to push my insurance paperwork through.  So each time I work, my paycheck is even lighter than the chunk Uncle Sam takes out, but I guess it is for a good cause.

Far as the other place, well, health care is reserved just for managers, which is what I expected.

Moving on.  It was just a headache to get in touch with someone to verify whether the lab was affiliated with the network.  Although I paid more money under other employers for insurance, I didn't go through nearly as much hassle with accessing the information.  But I tried to keep a cool head, although I was experiencing a grumbling tummy since I had to fast for some of the bloodwork.

Then I realized the refrigerator was empty, which was pretty funny considering that I haven't been around much to cook.  So you would think it would be fuller...but it wasn't.  So I got a few essentials, particularly some soup since I haven't really been feeling up to snuff lately.

I thought multivitamins were supposed to give you more energy, not make you feel drained.  Perhaps there are other things going on with me as well.  Or maybe my body has to get readjusted.

I talked to my grandma for a little bit from my landline.  I rarely use my landline, but each time I think of getting rid of it, it comes to my rescue, since my mobile service has been acting screwy.  I had tried to call her and I just couldn't get through.  It was really annoying.  Then, other people said they had tried to call; they couldn't get through.  I tried to call the mobile company and couldn't get through.  So I opted to wait it out; things finally got back to normal but more days than not, I want to come up with the early cancellation and just go with another provider.  Or just do the pay as you go...as much as I text, I'm not sure the pay as you go would be the best choice; I may not talk to you every day, but I'll text you in a hot minute.

But I'm exploring; keeping my options open.

I put together my old PC late yesterday.  Sure it's a bit outdated, and I have to put it on safe mode to access the Internet....(it hasn't gotten fully fixed yet), but I have missed using it.  My most important information I backed up onto my external drive.  Plus, I have to do a refresher on a lot of my Microsoft Office Suite programming (for my upcoming assignment).  I have the full thing on here, but I only had the trial on my laptop, which runs on a different operating system altogether. 

Not sure whether I'll always blog from my PC or not; I admit, I've gotten adjusted to my laptop; loading videos, pics, and the like are just faster with that...especially when I do it under Google Chrome.  I do notice with Google Chrome I don't have as many crashes; it runs a lot smoother; I try to do a lot of my surfing from that and will just switch to Explorer if a site isn't compatible under Chrome.

I'll try and take some time out to work on both of the challenges (Music & Photo) on my next day off, which will be on Thursday.  I'm cherishing the downtime; I will not have much of it after this week.

Around this time, I would have been counting down the days until my birthday (13 days away or so) but my mind has been on so many other things.  I'm not saying I will not treasure it as much, but it just won't be the same because of Grandpa not being around.  He always remembered my birthday, even when it would almost slip Grandma's mind.  I guess that's why my heart has been feeling a little heavier.

I know he would want me to celebrate and be happy.  I may not have the chance to this year...may have to pick another day to do a celebration and be okay with that.

Starting to get a bit of the -itis, so I will write some more a little later.


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