Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update On Life


Have I been missed? (giggles)

Well, a lot has been taking place, so I have not been on line as much.  

No, I didn't get into trouble and someone had to bail me out of jail...although I had a pretty aggravating situation that made me want to pop someone in the mouth....(shakes my head)

I've just been a bit busy...and not the normal routine of busy I had been experiencing.

My normal routine would normally consist of job hunting, blogging, cooking, cleaning (if I still had the energy), playing with the cats, squeezing in some sleep...playing FB games from time to time.

Nope, this routine is a bit different.

I have a part time gig now.  I have had one since late July, so not for long.  My assignment at the temp agency ended; then, the boss started increasing my days of work from three days to five days.

However, I am now reminded why I considered myself more of a morning person than an afternoon, evening person.  

It is harder for me to motivate myself to get to a job by 3pm than it is to get to one by 8am.

Plus, it's tough for me to get back to the apartment when it is dark rather than when there is still light out.  I don't have time to cook a meal, per se.  It's one thing to get off at 5pm but when you get off at 11pm, the last thing one is thinking about is cooking.

At least for me.

Also, another downside is the pay.  Since I'm still collecting unemployment, I thought it better not to risk losing it by turning down steady work.  But I am realistic enough to know I have to do more than this gig to take care of business.  So I left my availability open with the staffing agency (since their gigs pay more money, although they don't last as long).

I got called to a new assignment, starting after Labor Day through December, which is cool.  I am going to cut back my days at the other place to just three days a week; I put that in today; I am hoping that he remembers it when he does my scheduling for next month.

I haven't forgotten about the Photo Challenge.  I still intend on finishing it up, just not as quickly as I had anticipated.

As for my follow up to my ER visit, there are still more questions than answers.  I have to go and get lab work and further testing done with a follow up later next month to figure out exactly what's going on.  So something that should have given me comfort so far has given me none....

Except I'm a tad aggravated that I'm expected to weight 145 with the amount of boobage I am carrying...


Okay, before I pass out in front of the PC, I'm going to call it.


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Reggie said...

I wonder how many little boys got molested while Michael Jackson was making that video?!?