Saturday, August 27, 2011

Musical Truths, Day Twenty~So U Wanna Talk Shyt....

20.  Someone is talking shit about you on the Internet (face book, my space, twitter, etc.)

Well, I'm sure this has happened to quite a few people.

The downfall to all of this technology is that there are more ways to talk trash about people now.  Before it was mainly "he said/she said."  Or a handwritten note found somewhere.  Or overhearing a phone conversation...perhaps an old fashioned confrontation.

But who does that anymore?

It's way too easy to put up a status on Facebook, put nasty things on someone's wall, or do a little Twit with some Internet acronyms.

I am not immune to it, and unfortunately, even if you threaten to whoop someone's ass, there's always going to be someone who acts a fool, not care....just to see how far he can push you.

I can only control how I react to it.

Back in my younger days, I will admit that I had the tendency to be very cold.  I would do these thoughts of revenge.  Sometimes, they would play out.  More often they would stay in fantasy.  In a few cases, there were other people who despised the person even more than I I wouldn't have to do anything.

But as one gets older, you have to debate whether the energy invested is worth it.  You have to pick the battles...not every one of them requires guns blazing.

And some of them you might look back at and laugh, wondering, "This little shit had me this worked up? I should have done like Snoop and brushed it off...."

I just stick to this line, "People hate what's great."

So all the Haterade is just a reminder of how great I must be.

Putting in that perspective makes the whole drama close to laughable, even when you want to phuck someone's world up at the time.

So I definitely have to go with my girl Jill on this one...

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