Saturday, August 27, 2011

Musical Truths, Day Twenty-One~Awful Breakup

21.  Your worst breakup ever~what wound be the main song on the soundtrack?

Well, I had two pretty devastating breakups, both I covered in the Love Challenge.

One was with Person R, the guy I was engaged to and had a very tumultuous relationship with.  The way things ended was almost insulting.  I kept thinking of all the hell I had gone through.  I felt foolish, sad, very sorry for myself, my essence stomped out.  The song I kept on repeat was this one.  Even now, I still can't really listen to this song a whole lot.


The other breakup was with Bittersweet.  There was a myriad of emotions involved with this because of the way the breakup was done.  And then I discovered this other person being in the picture.  What was my most prevalent emotion was anger, then the feeling of being ripped apart.  So for Bittersweet, it's a combination of these two:

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