Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musical Truths, Day Twelve~Gimme 50 Feet

12.  At work, you’re dealing with a customer , co-worker, or boss who pisses you off.  What song goes through your mind? (any stage of this engagement will do)

I know I'm a day behind or so...still playing catch up, but this particular scenario applies to something I had to deal with at my recent part time gig.

I'm a cashier at this little retail spot.  It's overpriced on purpose because of it being off the NJ Turnpike; plus, they figured if people are desperate and do not feel like stopping anywhere else, they will pay the extra cost.  Not saying it's fair, just good for business.  

My temp assignment at the other place ended yesterday, so for now, I just have this one.  It's not a hard job, just certain aspects I have to get used to, like dealing with ringing up lottery at the end of the night, which before tonight, I only did once.

Well, I've encountered different types of managers since I've been there.  The head boss is nice; he is very by the book, though.  I don't have beef with him but I have already picked up that some of the employees do.  However, I used to be a head boss of an establishment so I recognize it for what it is.

Then there is this other lady who is a manager.  She's kind of the head boss's second in command.  I think she usually works days.  However, she seems to be the stereotypical "black woman with an attitude."  She acts like that with everyone.  She came across at me very rudely yesterday when I came in at 5:30.

Now the head boss is the one that does the schedule for my particular area.  He knew about me still being on assignment (that I didn't get off from there until 5 and I wouldn't be able to make it until 5:30), so he put in print I wasn't to come in until 5:30.

How about when I clock in, she sucks in her teeth and is like, "What time are you supposed to be in?"

I told her at 5:30; although I know most are scheduled for three, the head guy knew about my situation and scheduled me for 5:30.

I thought she was just having a bad day, but everyone told me that she always like that, no matter how nice you are to her, so not to even waste my time.

But neither one of these are the manager I speak of.  This guy I speak of is one who tries to be friends with everyone, tries to joke around like he's one of the crew...I'm not saying he's a bad guy but he has to know when to say when.

If you are too much of a friend with your crew, then when you are in charge, they won't take you seriously.  Plus you may expose how much of an idiot you truly are.

Well, this manager likes to joke with me.  He jokes with everyone but he seemed to go out of his way to joke with me.  He found out I was from the South so he tries to do some stupid Southern accent thing sometimes when he is talking to me...this, I find annoying...because my drawl is not that pronounced...heck folks from MS say I sound like I'm from up North.  It is barely noticeable unless you piss me off.

But the thing that annoyed me the most is the comments he made about the money.  They like for your money to be right on the nose, but there are times when it may be over or short.  If it's off by more than $5.00, then it starts being a bit deal.  And I mean $5.00 either way, even if it's over.  My variance has only been in cents. 

But he will make comments such as "I'm glad your register is not off...or I hope your register won't be this person."  And in two of those instances, the only ones that have been in the room has been him, an employee that has been with the company for a while, and me, who is on day 5.  So he can't be talking about anyone else except me.

But tonight, he really took it to a whole different level.  I think it is unprofessional in the way that he jokes with people period.  If other folks want to call him on it, that is their battle.  I'm not going to fight that one for them.  

But I do care about how he addresses me. 

He has management power, but he's ten years younger than me and struts around like his shit don't stink...has no idea how to be a good manager.

So tonight, he was acting a bit rude, even though he hadn't trained me on how to do lottery procedure.  It was only my second time because I'm usually the one who doesn't get the lottery money.  But what really took the cake was there was another employee who was happy his till was on the money and he made that same little comment in reference to the money while blasting me out.

After the lottery and the counting of my money was done, I went back upstairs because I was trying to give myself a chance to calm down.  However, he opted to follow me to get me to talk to him, and because he didn't give me my space, I did black out on him and tell him I didn't appreciate him joking with me about my job performance in front of other employees.  I told him it was highly unprofessional.

I didn't appreciate him not giving me my 50 feet because I probably could have calmed myself down.  I still would have talked to him...but later when I was calm....or if I didn't want to be confrontational about the issue would have called the anonymous hotline or talked to the big boss when he was back on duty.

But since he didn't....he damn near got cussed the fuck out.

So I may not have a job within the next couple of days.  But who said I had stopped looking.  But here is the song just for times like these....

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Reggie said...

I'm a supervisor in my office and I like to joke with my staff. However, all of them know that it's okay to come back to me. If I'm prepared to dish it out, I should be ready to take it too.

My jokes are never too personal and they're never mean spirited. I think it's important to laugh at work. To me a good day is a day in which I laughed a whole lot.