Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musical Truths, Day Eleven~Excer...what?

11.  You’re doing your workout routine or trying to get motivated to exercise.

I know there are so many reasons why I should be exercising more.  It's good for my overall health.  It will assist in losing weight.  Maybe I wouldn't have to get a breast reduction if I worked out.

Oh, so many things....

But even good health, in some cases, seems to cost money.  Some of the fitness clubs want monthly dues that with some branches, are hard to cancel.  The Y isn't always accessible.  I don't have a nearby workout buddy; personal trainers can get expensive.

And when you don't have a steady stream of income, roof over head, food to live on, and the basics start overruling where I can do yoga or cardio.

My intentions are good...I swear.  I just need to gather the means and what way will keep me motivated to continue....but here is one song that gets me pumped up every time I hear it.

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Reggie said...

Breast reduction is a phrase that absolutely drives me crazy............why?!?

I don't like to exercise, but I do it everyday. I do it for health reasons, diabetes runs through my family like shit through a goose. My father died of a diabetic stroke and his mother died of complications associated with diabetes.

I don't want to get it, so I exercise. I'm 6'2 and I weigh about 180, but trust me when I say I'll be exercising tomorrow too.