Saturday, July 16, 2011

Erotic Truths, Day 16~Lights, Camera, Action!

16. You are invited to a party that turned into an orgy, you just arrived…what would you like to see?

Um…lots of things, actually!

1. Safe sex: I will saunter off and fill a huge punch bowl with condoms, dental dams, and lubrication and will serve as the server. I would probably say some lines like this:

“Ribbed, Ultra Thin, Magnum?”

“Flavored, non-flavored?”

“Warming or scented lube?”
 (you get the idea)

2. Multi-purpose food usage: A banana’s attempt to enter the vagina without breaking off in it. Peach juice drizzled on nipples. Strawberries used in a delightful depiction of a human sundae. An excavation of honey between the cheeks. Or an impromptu vegetable salad. I’m sure imagination can run very rampant on a scene like this.

3. Interesting ways to consume drinks…via navel, another person’s mouth, the clitoris, the head of the penis. A slurping contest to see who can drink the most champagne off the nipples before it dribbles down to the floor. Jello shots via Vulva.

4. Plenty of nipple play: Sucking, licking, nibbling…for those who are down, clamps.

5. Bondage: furry cuffs, ties, rope, silk scarves

6. Spankings: smacks, smacks, and more smacks

7. Lots of sounds: moans, groans, squeals, grunts…and good music--none of that techo goofy porn movie ish…but sex music.

8. Variation of positions: Yeah, more than missionary. Some woman on top. Some doggie. Hey if someone wants to look up Kama Sutra positions and try them, that would be cool, too.

9. Possible threesomes and more somes (all variations).

10. I’m also interested to see if there are men who are willing to explore other parts of themselves---wondering if a guy can give head to them better than their chic. I’m not saying it would happen but it is something I wouldn’t mind getting on tape. A man being submissive or cross dressing and letting a chic fuck him with her strap.

11. Yes, use of toys is strongly encouraged in my fantasy. I have a treasure chest full of them…g-spot stimulators, cock rings, nipple clamps, pocket rockets, rabbits, anal beads…the list keeps going and going. I would probably roll the trunk around before hand to see what everyone wanted…that way, no interruption in the action.

12. Female squirting. There’s something definitely more fascinating about a female squirting that a guy. With a guy it’s damn ear effortless; with a female, well you gotta be on you’re A-game of arousal to pull it off with most.

13. Pole dancing, strip teasing, role playing.

14. Oral sex--lots of it.

Hey I don’t mind hosting the party and filming the show. I didn’t say shit about being an active participant…you just wanted to know what I’d like to see.

Before I head out, I leave this message:

For those of you who believe that safe sex isn't as pleasurable as going bare...or just hate using protection, let me give it to you like this:

Which one is least sexy:

Wearing an Ultra Ribbed for Her pleasure condom and knocking the pussy into next week or having nasty bumps and itching because you swore up and down "That pussy is way too pretty to be tainted"?

Wearing a Dental Dam during oral sex or finding out those bumps around your mouth are a type of Herpes?

Guess the SEXY got put back into SAFETY. 

Orgy sex...that's a Wrap!

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