Thursday, July 14, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 15~Caught Up!

15. Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex? tell the story..

Um…which story should I tell (rubs chin).

Perhaps I will share both.

Yes, I was caught masturbating, but it was like a role play set up. The guy comes home from work early…that type of thing.

I was worked up and couldn’t wait for him to get arrive, so I picked up Ghost (what I named my Pocket Rocket) and had a good time on my own. However, he got in earlier than anticipated and opened the door on me. Needless to say, he replaced Ghost’s head with his tongue and towards the end, a river ran through his mouth, dripped all over his chin and was on the bed.

 Yes, I was caught having sex…oral sex, that is.

Time…around 1996. This guy I was dating (let’s deem him G) and I had gone to the movies. I was excited. My grandparents were a little on the strict side; he and I rarely got a chance to go out.

G and I held hands at first, but then his hand conveniently kept missing the popcorn and trying to rub between my legs. I do admit it was hard focusing on the events of the movie while he was doing that. By the time the movie was over with, G had me moist.

Afterwards, we drove to this isolated spot and looked at the stars in the sky. He and I started getting hot and heavy with the kissing; he began rubbing on my chest. G knew that was one of my hot spots. He pulled down my panties and started to indulge in his personal dessert, but after a while, it got to be uncomfortable in the confines of the car.

That early in the game, I wasn’t deep into the giving of the pleasure as I am now. I was still a newbie, and he was only the 2nd guy I had been with. However, since he had pleased me, I felt it was only right to do it in return.

So I unzipped his fly, pulled out his one eyed snake (maybe it was more like a Glo Worm) and proceeded to give him attention. G got so caught up in how good it felt, he temporarily forgot to be on the lookout.

Next thing you know, a car pulls up behind us and bright lights are shone in G’s car.

Yep, it was the boys in blue.

G’s expression--angry. My expression--horrified and embarrassed. I had never had an experience with the cops before; I definitely didn’t want word getting back to my folks.

Luckily the cop was in a good mood and let us go. It was our first and last outdoor experience, needless to say.

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