Monday, July 11, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 11~Fake It Til I Make It....NOT

11. Write a letter to the person you faked it with.. tell em why he/she didn't take you there once and for all…

Dear Jerry,

I think we should have stopped at the conversations about music, food, and campus. The way you carried yourself intrigued me, and it made me spend time with you. But I should have known it was a front to get some midnight dessert. My mindset--I did not want love but I missed having a body next to me. I was still recovering from a broken heart and was not ready to go to the next man.

You were the warm body; I didn’t have to love you. But I was hoping you would put it on me somewhat fierce.

Back of your car, looking at the stars. You’re telling me you feel this connection between us. I didn’t want to hear the romantics; the prequels to the poking. I just wanted to get down to business.

I tried to turn my face away. I didn’t want your kisses. Kisses gave the sex a meaning of something deeper, but you were able to connect with my lips once. Everything was excessive, from the saliva to the tongue. I motioned for you to stop, and I pulled down my jeans and panties in one swoop.

I know you thought you were doing a good job, but I want to let you know that I was not fully satisfied for many reasons.

1. You seemed to have trouble finding the rose in the garden. In other words, that night when you thought you were licking the hair on my vulva, you were actually licking the exterior of your seat cover. I felt your breath there, but your mouth never made it there. You got impatient and concluded that I needed trimming. I didn’t get hurt by it because I could say that your oral GPS was broken.

2. You needed an instruction manual to put on the condom. After struggling with it, I asked if you required assistance.

Side Note: Some women taken for granted that a lot of men do not know how to put on a condom. I admit I made that mistake as well.

3. For the first couple of minutes, you were not diving into a warm wet pussy but a very fuzzy hole in your back seat. I almost burst out in laughter at your making love faces as you asked me if it was good, wanting me to scream your name, and the like. I took your hand and guided you in.

I faked it so that it could be over with and to keep from laughing in your face. Don’t feel bad that I never call you back; in fact, I did us both a favor.


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