Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 27~Obsessed (Yo, Leave Me Alone)

27~ Does anyone you've broken up with still love and pursue you?

Unfortunately, yes.

I just don’t get it. I wasn’t treated like I was the right one when you did me wrong. So why am I now that person you claim you can’t live without?

Shaking my head.

At times, the pursuits are on-going. Other times, on and off.

Reference Point: Lessons Learned 2010 ;  I Wish I Never Had

1. J: The biggest mistake of my life. I’ll let you read the background on it with the reference points…if you check Lessons Learned, pay attention to Number 5. After all the annoyance and pain, he still pursues me. He is convinced that I’m the one who is meant to be his wife.

He had moved to AZ last year, and about a week or so ago popped up to see me. Although in a new location, not much has changed. He’s still behind in child support; still hasn’t divorced his wife. He said he was moving to make his life better, yet it is still the same…he could have been behind in child support and miserably married in NJ…lol. Just kidding…but he says AZ in cheaper; too hot for me. Bad enough dealing with NJ humidity.

Still wants me to move to AZ and for us to be friends if nothing else.

But a friend wouldn’t do the shit he did.

It’s not like I did anything for him to keep hope alive. I took him off my Yahoo. Took him off my Tagged, my Space, Facebook. I don’t have any communication with him whatsoever.

So it was me seeing him to continue to tell him, “I don’t think so.”

He should be back in AZ now.

Yet in my mobile device, it’s still sending me messages from him, although on my PC I can’t see the messages at all.

I don’t get it…I don’t get why he doesn’t get a clue, but of course, he’s not the sharpest crayon in the box….so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised he hasn’t gotten a clue.

Reference Points: Downgraded Wine; In Love, Interrupted

Person T: This has been going back and forth ever since I was 17. Yes, I’m serious; that’s no typo.

He still doesn’t get it.

Even if he stops living other aspects of his lifestyle (talking about all of that would be two other blogs…if I give him any more attention, his ego might get all big and shyt). I still would not open back up that chapter.

He is the only man person who has gotten 3 tries out of me..period. Relationship wise, I never did that for anyone. Twice had always been my maximum and most wouldn’t even get that.

So I still feel a bit disrespected because I gave him that extra shot, which is why I’m even more


With him.

If I was “sent from Heaven” (as he keeps saying in his begs and pleas for me back), you don’t treat your Heaven like Hell. And if you know you can’t treat the Heaven like Hell, you should have let me be Heavenly all by myself.
But you didn’t. You couldn’t leave it alone.

And when I gave you shots for Redemption, you went and treated them like Waste you forgot to flush down the toilet.

So, forgive me if I’m super skeptical to the “I’m a changed man” stuff. This is not even me being overly bitter…it’s just truth. When I was bitter, I was one hundred times more vicious with the metaphorical word slaying.

The messed up part about it is that he will take something, like my expressing condolences because he lost a close family member and try to twist it into anything more.

He expressed sympathy because he heard about my grandfather dying; I was just returning the gesture. Nothing in that says, “I want to get back with you.”

He’s another one that I guess just doesn’t get it; in his case, it’s because he doesn’t want to, not because he doesn’t know any better.

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