Sunday, July 17, 2011


Colby Cheddar "I'm p'd off!"

Most of you know I have two cats.  One of them is pictured.  His name is Colby.  Then I have a grey and black striped one named Franklin.

Recently, until a friend and his girlfriend finds a place that takes cats, we are keeping safe a third cat..his name is Ma Maow.

I was rubbing Franklin one day and noticed a bit of dryness on his skin.  Also noticed he had been doing some scratching.  Did my research and discovered a few critters were trying to reek havoc on him.  I did further research to see if there were any home remedies that could fight it...being the chemical route is a bit expensive, could be harmful to the cat, and if these critters come back they can develop some type of immunity to the stronger stuff.

So I stocked up on certain items--baking soda, salt, dishwashing liquid, lemon juice, and a comb to prepare for battle.

Not sure how the critters got in but one will be diligent in taking them out.

I must admit, I was not the one to wash the cats.  When I was involved, it was mainly my partner; I would usually be the one to come and dry off the cats.

So having to do three...because even if Frankin shows the greatest signs, they could hop off and jump on the other two...would be quite the dauntng task.  With all of them having their claws, possibly of getting scratched the hell up would be highly likely. 

I knew I needed help, so incorporated the help of the sweetie to hold them down as I bathed each of them.  Although it was tempting to do Franklin first, I opted to go from the hardest one to the least.

I knew Colby would be the toughest, not just because he would put up the most fight but also because of the amount of fur he has.  Franklin would be feisty but would do more meowing and howling than fighting.  Ma Maow was a bit of the X factor...although his former owners said he wouldn't put up much of a fight.

I figured the sweetie would at least put on some type of protection, whether it be gloves, underwear...something.  He was like, "Let's get this over with."

So we trapped Colby in the bathroom.  Even before the water got started, Colby started running.  Sweetie grabbed him and placed him in the tub and I proceeded to wet Colby. 

You would have thought it was Animals Attack. 

It was so bad that Colby actually bit Sweetie's  jewels in addition to lots of long clawing of the legs and arms.  I didn't know who I felt worse for...Colby who couldn't escape Sweetie's grip...or Sweetie, who got some unwanted nibbles down below.

At one point, Colby even grasped the base of the faucet and tried to pull it out from the wall.  It was admirable and funny to see.

After wiping the water off Colby, then it was Franklin's turn.  Ma Maow was looking at him like, "Dude what happened to you?"

Franklin didn't fight much but you would think he was getting murdered with the amount of meowing and howling going on. 

Colby looked at Franklin as if to say, "You too, huh?"  Ma Maow was like, "What's going on?"

So Ma Maow being nosy went into the bathroom.  The door got closed behind him...

Then Ma Maow's look was, "Oh, shit..."

Ma Maow struggled slightly but wasn't nearly as rough. 

Afterwards, I gave them wet food for being such good sports about it.  Today was a pretty crazy Sunday to say the least.

All right...I'm out!


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Reggie said...

I hate cats.

I've often thought that there are far too many cats in the world for there to be so many hungry Koreans running around.