Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 22~ A Love My Mind's Eye

22~ Create the perfect love scene

“You make me feel…you make me feel…you make me feel like a natural woman…”

I am humming the melody to this as I make preparation. For him. A reprieve from the heavy lifting of hundreds and hundreds of pounds within an eight hour period.

I told him a little white lie. I cited I would be unable to pick him up from the job site because I had a former engagement. He asked no questions, figuring I had an interview and had set aside bus money in case.

I wanted things to be just right.

I prepared a special meal. Two long candles, smelling of lavender, were on the table. On a plate was a huge T-bone steak (cooked medium, how he liked it), homestyle mashed potatoes with country gravy, French cut green beans, and homemade corn bread. For dessert, I had homemade pound cake waiting with two scoops of vanilla ice cream to boot.

Champagne already on ice.

I had already started running water in the tub as I finalized my preparation. I scooped up my flowing locs into a ponytail. My hair had gotten quite long--even with the upswing, the tendrils still brushed just on the tops of my shoulders.

I poured eucalyptus oil in the tub to further give a relaxing aura to the evening. His muscles would be sore; he would need it to relieve the tension. I thought about bubbles, but opted against it. I would not let anything interrupt the ability of the herb to do its’ work.

I pulled the outfit out of its’ hiding place.

It was not easy to find one to accompany my chest size, and I had to pay thirty bucks extra. However, if it had the effect that I wanted, it would be well worth the dollars and then some.

I smoothed Shea Butter on the parts of my body where it was needed before sliding up the white fish net thigh highs. I had never worn the fish net but they seemed to compliment the outfit nicely.

I looked back at the water and turned it down a tad. I didn’t want it to run too fast before I had gotten the rest of my lingerie on. I opted to put on the white lace thong next because afterwards, I could not say whether I would be able to do so once I had the bra on. It was a beautiful creation indeed--damn near a work of art. An exquisite bustier that was worth more than the outfit. I just needed it to hold firmly, lift uncontrollably, and separate slightly. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have it on for long, but it had to be comfy enough for me to move around in.

It took a few tries but I finally got my titans to cooperate and nestle into the underwire cups. I was working up a slight sweat and hadn’t even gotten the complete outfit on yet. I chuckled to myself, dabbing off the extra sweat.

I turned off the water. I placed a eucalyptus candle next to the tub and lit it. I inhaled the scent and exhaled with a smile.

I heard my phone go off in the background.

“On the bus. See you soon. Love you.”

That meant he would arrive in ten minutes. I had to hustle.

I took the nurse’s outfit out of its’ wrapping and pulled it on. It still was slightly snug near the chest area but it was able to stretch. Form fitting but not too small. The rest of it fit perfectly since I was not as big near the waist as I was in the chest. I put on the little Nurse’s Hat and slid on some red heels. I thought about stilettos but didn’t want to make an idiot of myself by falling in them.

I put the finishing touches on my makeup by putting on some deep red lip gloss and powdering the shine off my nose.

“Last but not least,” I muttered to myself as I daubed White Diamonds behind my neck, between my valley, and on my wrists.


Him coming in the first door.

Thump thump thump…

Coming up the first two flights of stairs…

Wiggle of the keys.

I placed rose petals in the water.

Closing of the door.

“Honey, I’m home…”

He got to the top of the third set of stairs and saw the food. His first instinct was to check the bedroom but I wasn’t there.

“Honey, where you at?”

I walked up behind him and crooned, “Right here, handsome!”

He turned around and his mouth flew open. The glisten in his eyes and his expression said it all.

I laughed.

“Don’t just stand there gawking. Eat your food and only one helping. I don’t want the water getting cold.”

It looked as if he had a hard day. I passed on the champagne for the moment and made him a strong cranberry and vodka.

I am not sure whether he was that hungry or wanting to know what would happen next. Whatever the case, he finished the food in record time.

He walked towards the bathroom door.

“You’re finally here,” I said as I strutted over to him. I looked at his face and used my tongue to lick his lips and cheek.

“A little leftover gravy…”

I motioned for him to remove his clothing and step inside the water. Once he did so, I took a loofah and began to slowly clean him. His eyes seemed fixated on the rise and fall of my breasts as I moved closer for a thorough clean.

“Does it feel good, baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I know something that will feel even better,” he whispered, grasping the back of my locs and pulling me in for a long kiss.

The rest…well, I will let the rest of you use your imagination…

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