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Day 12~Does Venus Rule The Sun?

12~ Do you believe in zodiac compatibility? Who is your best match from experience? Your worst?

I am a believer in some aspects of the Zodiac.

I am a 3rd decan Virgo. I have Libra rising. I have a Virgo moon. I have Leo in my Venus (Love Planet) and Cancer in my Mars (Sex/Aggression Planet).

I could have just done the Sun aspect and called it a day, I suppose, but I was reading how when it comes to Love compatibility (Cafe Astrology ), that doing it based on Venus signs may possibly produce more accuracy. I guess it does make sense, with Venus being the Goddess of Love and all.

So I will do my own little comparison.

According to Zodiac compatibility based on the Sun--
Virgo’s best matches are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
Could go either way: Pisces, Aries
Better off friends/disastrous: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

From experience thus far, my best match has been with a Taurus. When I speak best, I base it on a number of factors:

a. Romance/sex
b. Communication
c. Goals/stability
d. Dedication
e. Honesty/Reliability
f. Necessary vs. Unnecessary drama

He was one of my long distance relationships. He and I got together during the fall of 1998. I was in MS; he was in FL. Communication was on point. He was very romantic. He had wonderful goals, believed in stability. He stayed dedicated and tried to visit me every month/every other month. His word was always bond and he wasn’t into the drama. I had so many laughs with him. My relationship with him was one of the most peaceful I ever had. Lord knows I’ve had my share of the drama ones.

He’s one of my regrets. One of the few relationships I wish could have been salvaged. One aspect of me, once it became apparent that I couldn’t fully suppress it, was not in alignment with someone he wanted to continue to build with. I had to be honest with him--that breakup tore me apart. I never admitted to him how much; I know to this day he believes he was the only one that hurt. I thought it would be ten times worse to pretend. Whoever ends up with him will have a treasure indeed.

My worst matches, thus far, have been with Leo, Gemini, Capricorn, and Virgo:

Bittersweet is a Leo…go to Entry 3 for the details.

Eric (the guy I dated before Ronnie--ref Entry 1) as well as some of my shorter relationships have been with Geminis. I am not sure whether it is the twin action, lack of stability, or what, but if those aspects come out at the wrong time, it annoys my Virgo traits of sensibility and order.

I was with Eric on and off about eight months (more details about him will come up in a later blog); there were two more guys I was only with for a couple of months; they just worked on my nerves. I never slept with Eric but the other two guys…well, I wasn’t impressed. One was just “too out there” as far as sex goes; the other one into stuff that didn’t turn me on. It was too much about him, not about me. I was doing a Lela Rochon (shit, I could’ve had a V8).

I know Capricorn and Virgo being listed as the worst for me will surprise you….but…

Person T is a Capricorn & Person R is a Virgo (August Virgo but Virgo nonetheless). The two of them combined turned me off to relationships (in proximity) for a very long time. T & R shared a lot in common--both were charmers, very direct, very possessive, and at times, apathetic and abusive.

So why even say anything about the Venus signs at all?

Well, I’ve been doing analysis on my own budding relationship. He is a 1st Decan Gemini. He has an Aries rising. He has a Cancer moon. He has Taurus in his Venus and Caner in his Mars. (He doesn’t quite known his birth time…so the site I went to gave an estimate.) The Aries rising may be slightly off.

So let’s see what Virgo & Gemini compatibility is according to Venus signs:

When your Venus is in Leo (ME), you can be "stuck" in the first stage of romance, when passions run high and you can't seem to get each other out of your minds. You never want this stage to end! When you are in love, the relationship consumes you. You radiate the love that you receive from your partner, and reverberate with the energy of love. You are ardent and affectionate with your partner. The adoration you give may not be (and probably won't be) matched, and this is when you falter. Truth is, your lover may have a different style of expressing his/her love. It may be just as ardent as your love, but you tend to equate adoring expressions of love with love itself.

You tend to hold on to love, sometimes longer than you perhaps should, and you may work hard on forcing your lover into the script you have unconsciously written for him or her! When you are happy with your lover (which often coincides with your perception that your lover is right there with you in an emotional sense), you are generous to a fault, with little thought of the future. You take the ups and downs of your romantic relationships to heart, more so than most people, simply because you invest so much of your ego and identity into love! Your warmth is extremely dependent upon the amount of attention and affection you receive. Although you may begin relationships with considerable ardency, if you are not showered with attention and made to feel special over the course of time, you will surely lose passion for the relationship. Your need for appreciation from your lover is paramount, yet all too often you come on strong in love and your partner misinterprets your ardor as brazen confidence. This can be a vicious circle, because what your lover may not know is that, in fact, you are not as sure of yourself as you seem, and his or her reassurances are vital! It is easy for you to jump into relationships without too much thought. However, your expectations are high, and your partner needs to understand that for a relationship with you to survive over the long haul, it needs to be stoked constantly. You will hang on to a relationship longer than most, but your expectations are so high that disappointment is almost inevitable. More than most signs, you would benefit from waiting to marry when you are older and more sure of yourself. When you're happy in your relationship, your warmth and eagerness are admirable!

And Now...
How You Relate to a Partner with:

Venus in Taurus (HIM): You value your partner's steadfastness and staying power. You admire his or her strength and conviction. Both of you value loyalty, and both of you are very capable of giving it to one another. Your partner can be quite possessive, and might misinterpret your flirtatiousness as disloyalty, however. Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means both of you tend to hold on to your relationships. This can mean that your relationship will last longer than many, although longevity does not always mean the going is easy! This can be a sexually magnetic combination, with the only potential problem in the bedroom stemming from your stubborn natures. Both of you look for security in your relationships, and you sense that your partner will give you just that. In partnerships in which money is shared, how you spend money will frequently be an issue. You might be an impulsive spender, riding on emotional drama ("I absolutely need to buy this"). The melodrama is not limited only to romance, but with money as well! Although your partner appreciates the finer things in life, just like you do, he/she puts more thought into purchases. You have much to offer each other, and mutual respect is likely, with the only serious potential problem is a clash of wills, as both of you are strong individuals! Sensuality, commitment, and pleasure are accentuated in your relationship.

So although based on the Sun signs, Gemini and Virgo have no business being together, if one looks at where a person is in Venus, a Gemini and Virgo can show great promise. Looking at it from that angle, this explains a lot about the staying power thus far….

Who knows? Only time will tell.

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