Saturday, July 2, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 2~Virginal Limitations

2. If you meet someone right now that is a 30 year old virgin, would you be willing to be their first?

Virginal Limitations (Intro):
at first I would say a resounding yes,
but now it is a yes with limitations
I have to place limitations
due to past situations;
the key to all of this
is Expectation and Communication

Sophomore year of college was a very confusing, trying time for me. I had experienced two pretty bad relationships back to back (high school and freshman year of college). I was just trying to find my way back to some type of normalcy after love, consideration, and reverence had been chipped away. I had a male friend (H) and I wasn't sure what role he was to serve in my life; in the end he served way too many. he was in love with me(didn't confess it until junior year); I loved him but knew in the state I was in that I wasn't the right person for him to be with. but I needed him then...his energy, enthusiasm, his closeness...his everything. Beautiful ebony soul he was; I didn't intend on being his first, but he was trying to comfort me and things got way too complicated.

One of his friends (V) liked me as well; at the time, H decided to let him approach me. After the event happened, H apologized, citing that he thought V would be better suited as a match for me. I didn't argue; things went almost back to normal with him and me; I decided to give V a try.

I didn't know V was a virgin, too. V talked a good game. I didn't discover it until he and I were in the act. afterwards, he was as proud as a peacock, so proud that he bragged about it to his mom and dad--leaving out no detail to his father. His father encouraged open dialogue about mature matters; I can't really fault him for that. but it's embarassing when your boyfriend's dad asks about how good you give head. For me, that was a little much.

The next guy  (D) I met around my junior year of college; D was just finding out about what he liked in a female and what he wanted. I helped to break him out of his cocoon. I still stay in touch with him until this day--D says he owes a lot of his sexual development to me and how far he's come in his relationships with women. that blows me away. I am not sure whether to stick my chest out in pride or run and hide.

The fourth was the female (Bittersweet) I had been in a relationship with for almost six years. I was not only her first female experience but also her first experience period, so I guess it was deflowering times two

Virginal Limitations( In Closing)
30 year old virgin
yes with limitations
I'm not sure that i'm still as patient
as when one first encounters the sexual station
I've got almost sixteen years in
so if the sexing leads to more
I have to mold you into my lover
from the ground floor
I guess i'd rather it be
to alleviate his curiousity
to give him a glimpse
of what good lovemaking should be
but to take it any further
i would just have to say no
and to cherish the time we had
before saying "it's time to go"

As far as i know, I have deflowered four people. If I have done any more, they have yet to speak up.

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