Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Erotic Truth: My Intro

Erotic Truths: The Introduction

When most look at me, they envision someone who is innocent, yet mysterious. Some have even deemed me an Ice Maiden because they haven't figured me out...sexually.

So why spoil all the fun by participating in this challenge? The fun, in this case, being the mystery and giggling to myself about those who have pinpointed me wrong.

This isn't really for them, per se.

It is about me.

It's about challenging that small part of me clinging to the dirt associated with sex and erotica.

It's about allowing my sensual side to thrive without the nagging condemnation of the former.

It's about dusting the rust off my erotic swagga. I have to see if I still got it.

I haven't written erotica fervently since mid 2000's. A lot of things I went through seemed to sap that energy out of me. I'm making a return to all aspects of my writings--not just in general, Queen of Spades, but also different energies that need a voice of their own. My erotic side, who I deem Synful Desire, included.

It's about those who have wanted to ask me these type of questions but haven't asked for fear of my reaction...or lack of reaction.

For those of you following my 30 Day Love Challenge, some of the background or synopses may be repeated in the Erotic Challenge. You may skip the potatoes and get to the meat if you find yourself in that case.

So I will proceed on this journey. You will find either you will know a little more than you wished...or you still know too little. (sneaky grin; winks)

Either way, I got your attention.

(sashays off the stage)

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