Friday, July 1, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 1~Downgraded Wine

Day 1: First Time You Had Sex....
Downgraded Wine

He took my essence:
and turned it into
Sutter Home Chardonnay

in the span of ten minutes

June 1995 it all began;
He and I on try number two;
I should have known from the fact
it was attempt two
this wack ass boy
simply wouldn't do.

He was a year, maybe two my junior,
thinking "age ain't nothin but a number"
neva had to deal with this number

I slipped up, believing Truth
was more soothing than Lies,
told him I never had the Revolution
of sexing taking place
between these thighs...

His eyes shined
like a guy who won the lotto
until unbeknownst to me
some of my ex's told him:

"she ain't got no buried treasure;
I already excavated that grotto!"

I should have known
when the pressure got strong
something was askew
Tension representative of "things gone wrong"

But i loved him,
didn't want him to think otherwise,
going against my theme:
music, candlelight, rose petals
all in my dreams...

The soft bed
that was in my head...
man, I made a mistake;
a cold hard board was in its place.

The candlelight
never came to sight;
carnival sounds far away
in the brink of night.

The music...
the "you give good love"
never played

The music...
"Caught out there"
kept on replay

My cries of "slow down, be gentle"
were muffled
stashed away

by "it don't fucking matter; she done gave it anyway"

push and push
shove and shove
stupid ass mutha fucka can't tell
the cum from the blood

"I just want it to be over'
so pissed at myself!

This moment was to be the winning lotto ticket
instead of a trifling three leaved clover!

Only after my village got invaded
was when he truly found out
my two ex-boyfriends didn't know
what the fuck they were talking about

so your prodding of me
was to stroke the ego in you

feel so dirty and sick
shit, at that point,
I should have been through.

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